Caribbean Villas


_DSC3634Heading down the winding road into Sheung Sze Wan, Caribbean Villas, perched above the village, are a tantalising taste of what this area can offer. The houses are the typical 2,100 sq ft Sai Kung size – and this particular villa well suited to a young, modern family that values unity as well as individual space. Offering the much sought after indoor-outdoor lifestyle, this house also boasts unobstructed views over it’s walled tropical garden over to Sheung Sze Wan Bay.

The three-storey home utilises every available space, but doesn’t feel crammed. The clean lines and neutral tones of the contemporary design takes care of that.

The open plan kitchen, dining area and living room area is separated from the private garden only by a partition, which can open right up to connect the two areas. Have an intimate family dinner in the cosy dining area, or eat out in the open seating area on a balmy summer night.

On the second floor is the family room that also serves as a landing for the master suite, where parents and children can spend some quality time together before bed. Unwind with a movie, watch a favourite TV show, or just have a little chat – family time matters. It’s also a great spot for the children when they are doing their own entertaining leaving the grown ups downstairs.

There are four bedrooms in total: three havens for the kids and a master bedroom for parents who well deserve the Bali style en suite and walk-in closet. Accessed through the bedrooms are two balconies, which looks out over the village, majestic mountains and the open water.

This Caribbean Villa not only caters to a cosy family life, its design makes it just as suited for entertaining. The grassy garden with its undercover terrace and built-in barbeque is an ideal backdrop for getting friends and family together and the addition of an outdoor fireplace makes it  just as inviting in winter or summer. Barbeque treats, a glass of Pimm’s or juice, laughter and chatter in the warm afternoon sun. Who wouldn’t want to be at this party?

Atop all this luxury is the private roof terrace, where there is a large enclosed storage space. After all, it would be a criminal waste of an amazing view not to be able to take it all in from the top of the world. Also, for moments escape is the only thing on your mind, the roof is the spot for some much needed solidarity. Alternative, it could be for a boys’ night poker game for dad, a sunbathing session for mum…whatever tickles your fancy, really.

A cosy contemporary home situated in Sheung Sze Wan and a short ride to Sai Kung, Caribbean Villas is an estate that nurtures the kind of family bond that’s synonymous with this area. Here’s to family.