A team effort

It takes a team to renovate a house – in this case, the Hong Kong rugby team. Well, three of them.

When they bought this Mok Tse Che house, it was divided into three units. A flanker bought one, passed the ball to former captain Andrew Chambers, who bought a second, and a third player scored the last apartment. A few years later, they went for the conversion.


Every team needs a captain, and in this case there was an obvious candidate – Andrew’s wife, Gemma. She took on the job of turning the separate apartments into one beautiful home. She put the rugby players to work in the garden, and took on most of the design work herself, coordinating the project and managing the contractors.

The result is a modern, warm family home with an open-plan ground floor and five bedrooms, two of which are en-suite. Bi-fold doors off the kitchen and living area lead out to a large terrace overlooking the private pool – a bright splash of turquoise against the neutral colour palette of the downstairs spaces.

The centrally placed kitchen – all glossy white countertop and chic stainless steel – neatly separates the living and dining areas, and a door coated with blackboard paint adds a fun touch.

Upstairs, the children’s rooms are glorious bursts of colour, with rainbow-hued furniture and accessories set against white walls. A favourite room is the master en-suite bathroom, which has a giant standalone tub positioned in front of a picture window. Communal bath, anyone?