About Us

Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay Magazine

Issue #1 of Sai Kung Magazine, circa October 2009, Sai Kung Square

Sai Kung Magazine was always a labour of love. The first issue came together on a kitchen table in Tai Mong Tsai at 5am on September 2009. This website, saikung.com, was launched a week later.

For the first 18 months, our “office” was the upstairs room at Ali Oli. We got by with the help of friends, borrowed wifi and plenty of Hazel’s excellent cakes.

From day one we were sure of a few things. We wanted to be a useful community resource. We wanted to celebrate Sai Kung. We wanted to offer local businesses the best value way of connecting with Sai Kung’s international residents.

Today – as Fast Media – we have rolled the concept of Sai Kung Magazine and saikung.com out across other Hong Kong neighbourhoods. And we have also launched Expat-Parent.com and Expat Parent Magazine. But we have never lost sight of the core values that had us excited around the kitchen table, as dawn came up in Tai Mong Tsai, many years ago.

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