14-year-old raises $78k for Sai Kung Stray Friends

Sai Kung Stray Friends

In just over a month, 14-year-old Ansh Sahay has raised over $78,000 for Sai Kung Stray Friends (SKSF). Due to financial instability, SKSF was facing a difficult decision: whether it was viable to stay open or not. Sahay took it in his own stride to raise money for the foundation, “I started going to Sai Kung Stray Friends nearly a year ago under my school’s (Kellett School) Learning Service Program,” says Sahay. Sai Kung Stray Friends needs $150,000 a month to operate and if they can’t keep it up, they could face eviction and dogs would be transported to the Animal Management Centre. The idea to start raising funds was in June with bake sales and raffles as Sahay’s original execution plan but the problem at SKSF proved to be a bigger issue and needed an even bigger solution.

The caretakers at SKSF are mostly volunteers, devoting their time and effort for over a decade, “To imagine all their hard work being discredited was unacceptable. There is something meaningful for everyone to learn and take away from this foundation and the people behind it. Just the thought of losing a 105 dogs whom these people had cared for for so long was unbearable, especially since I’d been walking a handful of them myself.”

Sahay has his sights set on raising a seven-digit amount, “but the aim is to raise as much as possible.”

“If we succeed we will save a 100 dogs, save numerous jobs and save the selfless Sai Kung Stray Friends foundation.” All proceeds will go to SKSF to employ at least two full time staff members, repair and put into function their pool and ideally expand. “It will certainly help spread awareness, if not enough money, and hopefully attract a few long-term followers or donors.” Sai Kung Stray Friends has acquired a four-year lease.

For more information or to make donation, visit www.fringebacker.com/projects/save-sai-kung-stray-friends