Art month in Sai Kung

As art month descends into Hong Kong, we speak to the local artists to see what they have in store for art lovers.

Peter Lo
I’m relatively new to art but I love the freedom it gives me. I love to create – in art and also music. I like mixed media – watercolours, acrylics, charcoal and painting cityscapes and portraits in acrylics. For speed I like to paint with the edge of an old credit card.

I’ve lived in Sai Kung for just over a year and a half, before that, I was living in Edinburgh.

I got into art in 2015 when I had three months between jobs. I spent hours in basic art classes with retired people and set up a small studio in my basement to experiment with paint.

There are a few champion artists in Sai Kung that are making a difference and I hope this builds momentum at all ages for the art community here. I’m privileged to know many of the artists here – that’s really what makes it count for me.  It’s fabulous being in the same space with passionate artists and seeing a variety of styles and skills.

Through my art, I want to show the wonder and brightness of the world we live in, and sometimes also the darkness. I’m currently working on “Colours of the Night”, pieces for an exhibition I’m hoping to put on using cityscapes and portraiture.

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Sarah Bent
Sarah Bent
I am happy to see that there are so many talented artists in Sai Kung who are all so supportive of each other. I had always wanted to paint and I finally found time when my children went to school. I have been living in Sai Kung for the past four years and living inside the Country Park, I love the peace and quiet, as well as wonderful scenery and great places to walk my dogs.

I paint contemporary realism in watercolour, focusing on still lifes, tropical flowers and foliage and portraits of pets and children. My still lifes often contain blue and white china which is always a lovely reminder of Asia. With my paintings of tropical foliage, I hope to bring the beauty of nature from the outside to the inside, and with my portraits, I hope to capture a moment in time which will last forever. I love the luminosity of watercolour, it dries quickly and it doesn’t smell. The sunlight brings out a myriad of colours, shadows and abstract shapes and patterns, especially on glassware and crystal, this is where my inspiration stems from. In the next couple of years, I’d like to move away from traditional watercolour and experiment with watercolour and acrylic inks on a surface other than paper. I am working on the establishment of a new art society, Flora & Fauna Artists of Hong Kong for 2017, with the aim of recording the flowers, foliage and wildlife of Hong Kong. At the moment, I am also starting some pet portraits and working on paintings for exhibitions outside of Hong Kong.

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Narelle Cridland
I have enjoyed standing in front of a canvas with a paintbrush as long as I can remember. I’m originally from Melbourne, Australia and have lived in Sai Kung since the 2000. My artwork is inspired by this and my paintings discuss my identity as an expat living in Hong Kong – I paint oil on canvas and linen and use different Chinese and Australian symbols to communicate a narrative. As for my photography, I photograph images of interest on a digital camera and then use a unique technique to carefully scratch back the emulsion of the photographic paper – this allows me to draw on the photographic paper; removing and adding subject matter.

I have been monitoring Sai Kung’s art community and it is exciting to see more cultural and art projects popping up over the last few years – art and cultural events help bring a community together.

Narelle Cridland

Currently, I’m working on some photographs that I took from the Kimberely region in Western Australia for the book ‘A Town is Born, the Fitzroy Crossing Story’, written by Steve Hawke. A few upcoming exhibitions include Gum Trees – Retrospective, which includes a combination of photographs and oil paintings completed over the past five years.

I studied both photography and painting and recently went back to University to study Art History. I work as the Specialist Visual Arts Teacher (primary) at the Australian International School. I love working with and teaching children different techniques in art and watching them work through the art making process; watching children start with a blank canvas and generating an artwork that has a personal meaning to them is exciting and rewarding.

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Helen Boyd
Helen Boyd
I’ve been painting and drawing since I was a child. It is who I am. I started following my dream to study fine arts at a community college where I slowly built up a portfolio. The mediums I work with include drawing, painting, collage, mixed media and photography. The topics I paint stem from life drawing to abstract and everything in between.

I enjoying living in Sai Kung as it’s a good mix of old style Hong Kong and western influences; I like wandering and being inspired by the locals going about their day, be it tending to their fishing boats or celebrating Chinese New Year with all the rituals. My art is inspired by living in Hong Kong in combination with my ideas sparked from my imagination and childhood. The art community in Sai Kung is growing into something really unique. I co-run H Studio gallery – a collection of three studios – located in the heart of Sai Kung town, which I hope to support more Sai Kung artists. It’s great to work with other artists, bounce ideas off each other, get feedback and collaborate on events.

I’ve just completed a four-piece canvas work for a joint exhibition called ‘2×1’ with local artist, Lori Foster in Kennedy town. H Studio Gallery will also exhibit the work of several artists in the coming months.

As well as running workshops, holding exhibitions and hosting drawing groups, I’m currently working on a large body of work for a solo exhibition that will take me 12-18 months to complete. As March is art month I’ll also be exhibiting some artwork for a couple of upcoming charity exhibitions too. It’s an exciting month for art.

“2×1” exhibition to be held at The Purple Bar, Kennedy Town – available till March 16.

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Sue Perks
As an artist, I am constantly in search of patterns and textures in the urban environment, I also seek inspiration from the culture of places that I travel to and incorporate subtle often hidden references to literature, religion and portraiture into my works.

I have explored many different media and I am always experimenting with new processes to explore colour and texture. My decisions derive from a textile aesthetic and composition but in more recent years, I have focused more on printmaking, painting and combinations of these.

My last two exhibitions in Hong Kong were a collection of encaustic paintings based upon endangered species and a collection of digital works exploring human spaces. I am now combining these two processes by incorporating digitally edited imagery into my encaustic paintings for a 2017 collection which will be exhibited in November.

The development of my encaustic work is my long term plan as working with beeswax constantly presents technical challenges, there is a wonderful spontaneity but also a need to control the hot beeswax which is immensely satisfying.

I have lived in Sai Kung for the majority of the 14 years I have lived in Hong Kong. I like the small town feel of Sai Kung where shop owners know you by name and the accessibility to the country park – I am fortunate in that I have a great sea view which I never fail to appreciate. I am currently Head of Art at Kellett Senior School Hong Kong, and was previously at the Australian International School in Hong Kong. I exhibit regularly in Hong Kong, as well as Sydney in Australia. I have now settled into a rhythm of creating a collection every two years to achieve a balance between my full time teaching and my own practice.

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Lori Foster
I am originally from Melbourne in Australia and I have lived in Sai Kung for the last 20 years. I love its landscape, flora and fauna, character and natural textures which I translate into my art.

I specialise in mixed media, mostly on canvas. I work in abstract and semi abstract urban and natural landscapes; and also life drawing. It is an ongoing exploration of techniques, materials and ideas as well as developing further artistic skills.
My latest work is the ‘Firestorm’ series, a metaphor for a journey through adversity and emerging regeneration. My future projects include a series of photographic and mixed media work inspired by the local landscape.

Sai Kung has a thriving, up and coming art community, especially since the ‘Art and About’ events that were held last year. The new and existing studios and galleries promoting the artistic creativity in the local community and provides the opportunity for more people to be involved. I will be exhibiting “2×1” together with fellow Australian artist and local resident, Helen Boyd during March. I am also one of the resident artists at H Studio Gallery in Sai Kung, run by Helen. I hope one day, I’ll be able to see a National Art Gallery open in Hong Kong.

“2×1” exhibition to be held at The Purple Bar, Kennedy Town – exhibition open till March 16.


Tony Cheng
From a young age, my grandparents have always wanted to educate my brother and I in our traditional and cultural heritage of Hong Kong. It was at this time that I was exposed to artistic activities and when I started learning from a local artist. I fell in love with art and art history, learning about the different techniques, the artists and movement within the history of art now and then.

Beginning with a few commissions for family friends, it became studies of the human form and the creation of my own style in painting to mix mediums with painting surfaces in my still life sunflowers. It later transformed into landscape drawings of Sai kung with appreciation of space and lines. Sai Kung, to me is such a beautiful place, an urban coastal town with a open natural landscape. It has a mix of Western lifestyle and traditional Chinese cultural background.

I had the idea around five years ago of creating a wider community for the artists. I felt many of the talents around Hong Kong were too introvertive, almost cliquish, I wanted the wider public to know that art was not just from abroad, but also here in Hong Kong.

In 2016 that vision became reality, I became the co-founder of the very first Sai Kung Art And About, an outdoor art fair created to introduce the artists themselves to local people, telling the world that Hong Kong was not the only place with one of the biggest art market, but Hong Kong also have a diverse creative mind of its own.

“Sundial” was my last piece of work which was part of my Sunflower series; a painted blossom of sunflowers applied on a light tone circular tiled board to bring out the vibrant yellow. A controlled application of brush strokes with a cheeky little twist and a collage of gold leaves which gives it its name.

I am currently working on “One Hundred Suns” which I hope to complete by the end of this year.

All artists have the dream of creating something ‘big’ in the art world, including myself. I have a few big ideas but let’s not ruin the surprise for the future.   

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Tamera Bedford
I am a self-taught artist, I don’t have a formal background in art. I’ve lived in Sai Kung for five years but first became interested in creating art when I moved to Beijing eight years ago. In my first year of creating art, I was doing mainly pencil drawings which then progressed to traditional Chinese ink brush painting and oil painting. From there I’ve played with different kinds of media and techniques ranging from painting to printmaking.

The work I’ve been making for the last few years is a multi-staged process which begins with making an original painting on small pieces of watercolour paper using both watercolor paint and, usually, ink. I also sometimes employ other material to alter the images, such as rubbing salt or sand into the wet paint or using special pens from Japan. I like playing around with materials and seeing what comes of it. Once I’ve finished making the initial piece I then work with a fine art printer on Hong Kong island to enlarge it.

I’m currently working on a set of watercolor paintings inspired from images taken from space, they are all of natural landscapes which span the globe. With them I hope to convey from a macro sense all of the beauty found around the world. The paintings are abstract in design, and span different landscapes from the Antarctica to the Sahara.

Everything I make is abstract and comes directly from my mind. The works are influenced by the time I have spent in the natural world, my interest in human consciousness and things I have been exposed to in my many travels. For me, the creation of my art is truly an exercise in meditation and I hope to allow others looking at it to get a sense of that for themselves.

My art is very personal to me but that is about to change as I have my first solo show this month in Sai Kung at H Studio.

I think there are a lot of creative people living in the Sai Kung area, working in many different areas. I’d like to see artists in the area interacting and collaborating more. I think, together as a group, Sai Kung has a lot to offer the Hong Kong art community. I look at my work as ever-expanding and try not to place any limitations on myself. As a self-taught artist, I have a lot of freedom in what I make and how I make it, which makes what I’m doing unique and fresh.

Tamera’s first solo exhibition will be held at H Studio Gallery from March 18-30.

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Claire Billson
I work mainly with oils on canvas. I am really interested in capturing light and texture. I would like to show people in all their strengths and vulnerabilities. My last series was about the ‘hidden’ people working at the ground level of Hong Kong society. This time I am working on a large oil, painting women of all types, in some great costumes like the national dress of Korea – a Korean silk wedding Hanbok. It has jewel-like colours and rich textures which I am trying to capture with the movement and grace of the woman wearing it.

Claire Billson Painting

What inspires my art is the people around me, not just those in the immediate vicinity, but everywhere. I have lived in Sai Kung for over 15 years. I use to be a barrister and have had no formal training in art, but I’ve always painted. The art community in Sai Kung is very diverse, both in who is doing it and what they are doing. It would be nice to get together with other artists from time to time.

I would like to experiment as I go on with working with actual textiles as part of mixed media pieces as well. In the coming years, I would like to look into the beauty of yoga, maybe do a series of yoga poses. I would like to have a series through which I can show people the beauty of women – not just physical beauty, but inner strength, serenity, feistiness and wisdom, and set that off against gorgeous textiles from around the world.

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