Former policeman releases new book

Peter Mann
Peter Mann

Sai Kung resident and Chairman of the Royal Commonwealth Society, Peter Mann, has published a book, Sheriff of Wan Chai. He details his experience in serving in the Hong Kong Police Force and how he helped govern Hong Kong’s last decades as a British colony. “My mother was an author and I always wanted to write a book, but truly ours was the very last generation who could leave England to enjoy a colonial lifestyle.” says Mann.

The memoir recounts Mann’s involvement in all levels of Hong Kong society, “There haven’t been many books by someone who was both a policeman and an administrative officer. Someone who had been on duty during the police mutiny in 1978 and had seen the dark underbelly of Hong Kong in gambling dens, hospitals and public housing estates.” says Mann.

Sheriff in Wan Chai

Mann arrived in Hong Kong in 1976 as a police inspector, commanding a sub-unit and led a district vice squad in Kowloon before joining its Administrative Service in the fields of transport, housing, security, environment and tourism. He has also served as a District Officer in Wan Chai.

Sheriff of Wan Chai is available at Kidnapped in Sai Kung and all Bookazines in Hong Kong.