Hing Keng Shek

Nestled in the hills above Marina Cove, Hing Keng Shek is a pretty, peaceful village. That is, when workmen are not re-routing the road into the village, which seems to be neverending.

On the plus side, the villagers should soon be able to enjoy a good, smooth run up to their hillside, seaview homes.

Hing Keng Shek is close enough to the Ho Chung roundabout to miss the worst of the early-morning tailbacks. And it’s close enough to Sai Kung town to pop in and out for shopping, coffee and play dates.

Although the lower part of the village can be a bit crowded, most of the houses in Hing Keng Shek are well spaced and avoid  the claustrophobic feeling of  some villages.

The higher up the hill – and it’s a long, steep, winding hill – the more desirable become the properties. At the upper level, along Tin Shek Road and beyond, most houses are detached with gardens, parking and the occasional swimming pool. At the end of the road is a huge house of more than 4,000 square feet with breathtaking views of Marina Cove and out to sea.

Along with all the new-builds and renovations, there are a few older, low-rise buildings that make the village almost picturesque. Many of the residents have beautiful gardens and the village is well looked after, with roadside flower beds and planting, as well as regular visits from government contractors who tidy up the place.

There’s a good sense of community and Hing Keng Shek has it’s very own, well run Neighbourhood Watch. Residents swap contact details in case of emergencies and regular emails keep everyone up to date with security issues. Children play outside and people stop to chat.

The walk up the hill is a killer, so a car or a serious fitness regime are essential.