Bringing Bali to Hong Kong – HKGTA’s new Fivelements

Chicco and Lahra

What better place to situate a Balinese retreat in Hong Kong than Sai Kung? We talked to Fivelements co-founders Lahra and Chicco Tatriele about their concept of expanding the Bali-originated holistic retreat to Hong Kong. 

The latest addition to Sai Kung’s Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Academy (HKGTA) is Fivelements. A fully fledged, Balinese inspired, holistic wellness centre that offers healing rituals, spas, reflexology treatments. 

The Milan and New York-bred couple, Chicco and Lahra are no stranger to Bali – the sacred arts and rituals of the spiritual island. Before settling in Sai Kung, Chicco and Lahra lived in Bali for ten years with their two children, launching Fivelements in 2010. Chicco and Lahra previous background lied in communications, production and advertising. Yet making Balinese healing practises accessible to everyone is the ultimate dream for both.

Lahra tells us, “When I met Chicco he said it was his dream to build an eco-resort in Bali. He was so taken by the intense energy, so we combined both of our visions.” Today, Fivelements proudly stands as the metropolitan portal to Bali. They brand themselves as “bridging the wisdom of traditional healing cultures with innovative wellness concepts.”

Water healing

At Fivelements, HKGTA, patrons should expect a personalised and customisable wellness program, alongside sporting facilities. All intended to facilitate your personal goals through traditional Balinese healing methods including water healing, traditional massages, meditative practices. Their comprehensive 80-page wellness menu also includes more conventional spa services including facials, nail care and hair care. The facility also allows members to opt for off-menu programs to cater their specific needs.

Chicco explains that this one-of-a-kind institution is a “holistic sports and wellness concept that can be a new model globally.” As it happens, they are discussing plans to transplant this Balinese concept around Singapore, Europe and maybe even China. “But it has to be the right location” Lahra cautions.

Wellbeing. It is a continual effort, to learn to love and respect yourself.

What differentiates themselves from the luxurious club culture or a one-off retreat destination? Lahra says, “Wellbeing. It is a continual effort, to learn to love and respect yourself.” Chicco elaborates, “the opportunity here is to engage families and people interested in health more regularly. I believe academy is the right name because there is education as well as sports and wellness.” Indeed, the educational aspect is apparent as their staff includes an in-house osteopath from Matilda Hospital and Balinese healing professionals. “One of our healers from Bali curated the athletic bodywork here. He designed the ultimate ‘back neck and shoulder’ and the ‘body usara massage’ so it’s real human crafted therapies”, Lahra says.

The Fivelements team in Bali


Operating under the umbrella of HKGTA, Fivelements works closely with the team to integrate their holistic philosophy with sustainable design, plant-based nutrition and sports wellness approach. Chicco explains how the wellness concept is hugely relevant to sportspersons too. As he is able to name a series of professional athletes who are on a plant-based diet, including tennis player Venus Williams and burly heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson.

Aside from sportspersons, the expertise at Fivelements holds large potential for highly stressed Hong Kongers too. Lahra explains, “When we say urban retreat, it’s not necessarily somewhere you go to unplug but rather you come here to plug in to yourself.” Thoughtfully, Fivelements has also incorporated a “Little Angels Rituals” wellness menu for children to choose from as well.

but rather you come here to plug in to yourself

HKGTA charges a flat rate of HK$80,000 per year to become a patron (minimum two year contract) and their Fivelements wellness menu starts with the Basic Athlete Training Support Package priced at $1,250 for a 60 minute treatment on top of the membership fee.

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