Join The Great Hong Kong Cleanup Day

Join the Great Hong Kong Cleanup Day

Help build a cleaner Hong Kong and take part this September
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The Green Race Hiking and Beach Cleanup Tai Long Wan

The Great Hong Kong Cleanup Day has just announced that it will take place on September 23. The event is part of the 17th annual Hong Kong Cleanup Challenge (on now until December 1).

So are you ready to get your hands dirty and clean up our Hong Kong? Join thousands of others as they take part in one of Hong Kong’s most successful cleanup events.

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Every summer, many Hongkongers express their frustration with the copious amounts of plastic and waste washing up on our shores. The Hong Kong Cleanup aims to give local individuals, communities, schools and businesses an opportunity to have a fun, fulfilling day out together while removing harmful plastic and debris from our beaches and, most importantly, collecting data. The data collected is used to compile the Global Trash Index and Trash Free Seas Alliance – providing an international snapshot of what’s polluting our oceans so work can be done to prevent specific items from reaching the water.

The Hong Kong Cleanup is the official coordinator of the global cleanup movement on behalf of Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup, and Let’s Do It! World Cleanup, which is sanctioned by UNEP.

Since 2000, it has mobilised almost half a million people in over 25,000 groups to collect thousands of tonnes of rubbish.

How to get involved?

There are three ways to participate: sponsorship, hiring the team to organise a cleanup event, or signing up a team for the challenge. Cleanup sites are first-come, first served so register now.