Hotel for Dogs

Hotels for DogsGoing away for Christmas? We finds places to stash your pooch.

DB Dog Dayz

Located in an (air-conditioned) house in Sai Kung Country Park, DB Dog Dayz offers a more homey environment than most kennels and invites you to bring your dog to visit before deciding to board. Dog Dayz is perfect for active dogs, with twice daily walks in the country park and the chance to socialize with other dogs. It costs $275 a day during peak season.


Ferndale Kennels & Cattery

Also located in Sai Kung Country Park, Ferndale is owned and managed by experienced local veterinary nurse Stacy Tucker. It has a large secure compound for dogs with a separate cattery, so dogs can run around freely and group play times can arranged (after assessment). During boarding, pets are exercised daily and have their own comfortable space. It’s a popular facility during holiday periods so book early.


Kennel Van Dego

The air-conditioned “dog motel” where dogs enjoy their own personal space is a popular choice at these kennels off Yan Yee Road. Alternatively, it also has more conventional kennels for dogs of all sizes with convenient access to the outdoor playground. Rates vary from $125 to $260 depending on the size of your dog, and it’s recommended to bring your own doggie beds.


Pet Field

Located in Yuen Long, Pet Field Company has a doggy swimming pool and a 10,000 sq ft playground. Pets stay in a 30,000 sq ft boarding house that can cater for up to 60 pets. There’s 24-hour supervision and dogs are exercised twice a day. Boarding fees range from $110 to $230 depending on your dog’s size, and pickup and delivery can be arranged for extra cost.


Pet World Resort

Dogs staying at Pet World have their own private room, daily walks and even cuddle time with pet sitters. They can also access the large grassy playground and socialize with others, and owners will be emailed daily photos of their pets having fun. Boarding rates depend on the size and age of your dog. Pet World is located in Yuen Long, but offers pick up and delivery services.