Illegally discarded wastes pile up on Sai Kung piers

Garbage piling up on Tso Wo Hang pier
Garbage piling up on Tso Wo Hang pier. Photos by Caroline Halbroth

Bags and boxes full of domestic waste were seen piled up at Tso Wo Hang Pier at around 8 am on July 4.

The waste was discarded by local fishermen and boatmen, who routinely dump wastes on the piers and beaches as they pick up and drop off passengers. “It is a problem I encounter daily on Tai Mong Tsai Road and Sai Kung in general. [They have] no shame and no thinking and no care for anything”, said Tso Wo Hang village resident, Caroline Halbroth.

Caroline Halbroth had tried reaching out to the police, in hopes that they would create signs and issue warnings to the boatmen “but they absolutely don’t care. They just said yes, yes, yes and did nothing”, expressed Caroline Halbroth. “Since nobody like the police or government officials seem interested, I am considering filing a complaint to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD)”. Resident Ben Cameron has also sighted wastes built up in Sha Kok Mei. Many are concerned that these wastes will further contaminate the Sai Kung seas and threaten marine life.

The Environmental Protection Department (EDP) has been active in tackling illegal disposals of construction and renovation waste, with four successful blitz operations and prosecutions carried out in April. But illegal disposal of domestic waste at smaller scales remains a widely neglected issue. Facing this persistent problem, organisations such as Hong Kong Cleanup have been gathering teams of volunteers and carrying out regular community cleanups across the city.

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