James Stevenson launches his first novel

James Stevenson
Tai Wan Village resident James Stevenson

Tai Wan Village resident and English teacher, James Stevenson, has launched his first novel, The Medusa File with the cover illustration completed by Stevenson’s brother, Robert.

Using his vivid imagination and Inspired by his eldest son, Thomas, The Medusa File is an action adventure novel. It follows the story of a teenager, Harvey, who loses his parents at a young age around questionable circumstances and his travels to unravel some answers surrounding his parents’ death. “I enjoy pure joy from crafting and creating a story. I prefer to write about places I know first-hand, using the rich palette of experience to make my writing authentic,” says Stevenson.

The Medusa File
The Medusa File

The Medusa File is the first book of the Harvey Ashton series and sets the foundation for the continuing story, “The next book in the series will take readers to Colombia, offering a window to the thriving culture and diverse landscape found there”. Stevenson will be holding a book launch at Victoria Recreation Club in Emerald Bay on December 2 where signed copies of The Medusa File will be available.

The Medusa File is available on Amazon, The Book Depository and Kobo Books. Keep up to date with Stevenson’s stories and events at www.facebook.com/TheMedusaFile