Master Lee, lion dancer

Q&A with Master Lee of Yun Fook Tong


Meet Master Lee - Founder of Yun Fook Tong lion dancing teamWhat is lion dancing?
Lion dancing is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture where a group of people mimic a lion’s moves, wearing a lion costume.

What is the meaning behind lion dancing?
It is believed to bring joy and good luck to people and drive away bad things for the new year. Lion dancing represents the Chinese culture of happiness and performing lion
dances in a group is very festive and joyful.

What does the lion symbolise for Chinese New Year?
It symbolises the beginning of a new year. To give people a healthy, prosperous and energetic year ahead.

How do you prepare for lion dancing performances?
It depends on the type of lion dancing performance that we do. For “Mui Fa Chong” performances, it takes beginners months and sometimes years to complete an act. However, for the traditional act, it takes about a few weeks. We practice three to four times a week for around four hours. Training involves presence of mind, good body posture and patience.

How many people are in one team during performances?
Usually for a competition it involves eight members. Each has a different role and responsibility.

How did you get involved in lion dancing?
I learned Kung fu and lion dancing during my younger years and I stayed in the profession. I am a teacher and also the coach of Yun Fook Tong. It brings me happiness every time I see the audience enjoy the show.

What is the age range for new members who want to join your team?
Children from the age of five years can start learning the moves. They need to be fit and have a joy of learning.

What performances are you doing for Chinese New Year?
We will be performing a lion and dragon dance, and drum and Kung Fu performance. We will be performing at Hong Kong International Academy and different malls and villages around Hong Kong.

How can readers get involved in your team?
They can call me at 8201 6788 or visit my website at