Mang Kung Uk

A guide to Mang Kung Uk.

Although this string of little villages along Mang Kung Uk Road is not the prettiest area in Clearwater Bay, it is one of the most convenient.

Handy for the bus routes on Clearwater Bay Road, it’s just a 15-minute walk from Hang Hau MTR station, down a steep, signposted track (we hear the downhill route is more popular). The villages are also handy for the Silverstrand shopping centre, and for the ESF Abacus pre-school at the top of the road, its car park packed with yummy-mummy-mobiles at pick-up time.

On the “other” side of the road to the more upmarket (and expensive) villages, Mang Kung Uk nevertheless has some astonishing views of Tseung Kwan O. Being less fashionable also means it has managed to avoid the gated developments that characterise nearby areas such as Silverstrand and Pik Sha Road.

So instead of endless bland walls and concrete roads, Mang Kung Uk remains green and leafy, with open meadows and small woodlands between the villages. Pathways run alongside streams and many houses cannot be reached by car, which must be left in their allotted places in the communal car parks.

But there’s a real community feeling in these are old-school settlements, where old men and village dogs gather outside temples and Hakka dwellings rub shoulders with newer homes. Less cramped than many Sai Kung villages, most houses also have decent gardens. Spotting the area’s potential, the renovators are moving in with a few tasteful, contemporary makeovers of the 1980s and 90s houses. Peer through some of the modern dark-wood fences and you’ll glimpse frameless glass balconies, open-plan kitchens and private swimming pools to rival those found in trendier addresses.

Mang Kung Uk may not be fashionable yet, but it’s time is coming.