Marina Cove

Guide to Marina Cove

Kids love living in Marina Cove. That’s partly because there are so many of them, which means there’s always someone to play with after school and at weekends. But Marina Cove also excels in child-friendly events, particularly Halloween and Christmas. Householders go all-out in decorating their homes. The entire development is awash in pumpkins in October and fairy lights in December.

Then there’s the Club Marina Cove swimming pool, tennis courts, squash courts, billiard room and restaurants, and plenty of classes and activities to keep the smalls happy. The new Woodland Pre-school Sai Kung opened in September, with plenty of space for the under-sixes.

There’s an active roster of events for adults too. Residents have dragon-boat and golf teams, workshops and classes. And, of course, last month’s International Hong Kong Boat Show at the marina.

Marina Cove Marina

The marina is at the heart of the big, gated development. An assortment of property, including split-level houses and apartments, clusters around it. Built on eight hectares of reclaimed land (1978-1982), each house was originally a carbon-copy of its neighbours, but over the years many have been renovated and modified so that they have their own identity, with all sorts of cladding, door and window styles.

Adding to the resort-like atmosphere are the residents’ cyclos. These are canopied bicycles built for four, used for nipping around the development and down to the on-site shopping centre. There is a Wellcome supermarket, 7-Eleven and plenty of property and boat agents.

And, of course, there’s the marina itself. It has an island and finger berths, fuel station and other nautical niceties. The pontoons are mini ecosystems. There are plenty of fish lurking in their shadows, including some fairly sizeable grey mullet and, word has it, baby barracuda. Some houses come with moorings at the end of the garden: the perfect solution for yachties.

The development is split into 10 blocks – A to K (there’s no I block) – with varying views. They include hillside, marina and lucky K block where some houses have unobstructed panoramas of Hebe Haven. The largest, most prestigious houses (block H) are on their own man-made island in the centre of the development, with their own pool.