Matt Cooper releases new children’s book on endangered Hainan Gibbon

Matt Cooper
Matt Cooper

Sai Kung-based author Matt Cooper has published a new book, The Last Gibbon.

“I read about the Hainan Gibbon in an article on the BBC website about two years ago and was shocked to hear that the most endangered primate in the world was just an hour’s flight from Hong Kong and yet I’d never even heard of it,” says Cooper. “I asked around and even a friend from Hainan itself hadn’t heard about the gibbons! So I decided to put that straight by writing a book that introduced children – and, hopefully, their parents – to the gibbon and its precarious situation.”

The book, endorsed on the back cover by Dr. Jane Goodall herself (primatologist, anthropologist and famous for her lifelong work with chimpanzees) also includes a non-fiction section where readers can learn more about gibbons in general and what they can do to help them.


“[Dr. Goodall] is one of my heroes so to meet her in person was amazing,” says Cooper. “I plan to visit Hainan in the near future to see the gibbons in the wild – apparently it’s a difficult trek to reach them and I’ve read that Hainan is home to the most poisonous tree in the world so that could be interesting!”.

Cooper will be having a launch event and signing books at Kidnapped Sai Kung on January 19 from 6-8pm. The event is free entry and wine and nibbles will be provided. RSVP through

The Last Gibbon is available at most bookstores in Hong Kong, including Kidnapped, 7 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung.