New art gallery in Clearwater Bay home


Sai Kung welcomed its very own art gallery – coming in the form of Helen Smeaton’s beautiful home, located along Siu Hang Hau Road in Clear Water Bay. The unconventional concept aims to make art available to everyone. On top of bringing art into people’s homes and offices, Helen invites people into her home to fully experience the artworks in a space buyer’s intend them for, especially works in larger formats. “Our home gives the client a great sense of statement in their own homes”. Smeaton continues, “When we moved to Hong Kong, I was disappointed to find we could not afford many original works for our home. It became a mission to make original artworks affordable. And also to allow people to view them in ‘real’ lifestyle spaces”, said Smeaton.

The Art House Asia has featured numerous artists, including: Frederic Belaubre, Gugi Gu and Veronica Vilsan and currently feature the works of Sai Kung resident, Phillipa Bloom.

The Art House Asia has started with great success as Smeaton explains, “We enjoy meeting artists, sourcing stunning artworks and seeing them transform people’s lifestyle places into something they’re proud of, and somewhere they really want to be”. Smeaton is in the midst of planning some off site exhibitions for regional artists next year.

Visits are by appointment only, those interested can call 5648 7474 or email For more information, visit