5 ways to get slim in Sai Kung

H&B_RTHere are five ways to get slim in Sai Kung.

Cleanse 9

What is it? The latest nutritional cleansing programme (or detox) to sweep Clearwater Bay and Sai Kung. The nine-day plan is designed to help purge the body of toxins and waste build up, and return to healthy eating. Our editor swears it is a great way to get slim in Sai Kung. It involves several days of drinking shakes and taking supplements, progressing to a 600-calorie meal towards the end of the detox.

Upsides: Weight loss, clear skin, a kickstart to healthy eating habits.

Downsides: Hunger and boredom.

Where from? Sold as a nine-day complete package, including all supplements and shakes, for $2,030 (plus $30 delivery). Contact or email Monica Wong on 9211 3322, or Melanie Bridger on 9180 9308, .

Fast Diet

What is it? 2013’s worldwide diet craze was created by Dr Michael Mosley and involves intermittent fasting. Eat normally with little thought for calorie control for five days a week, then slash your intake for the other two days (it doesn’t matter which two) to just 500 calories if you’re a woman and 600 if you’re male.

Upsides: Those who stick to the plan lose weight and improve insulin sensitivity, cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Downsides: Hunger, headaches and constipation.

Where from? The Fast Diet book by Dr Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer is available from Dymocks.

Cambridge Weight Plan

What is it? One of the original meal-replacement weight-loss regimes has now expanded from shakes into own-brand soups, bars, porridge and rice pudding. These can be used as the sole source of nutrition or combined with food for more gradual weight loss. There’s a range of programmes for all requirements and one-to-one consultant support.

Upsides: Weight loss

Possible downsides: Constipation, mild ketosis (bad breath), nausea.

Where from? Call the Hong Kong branch at 2525 7165.

Punch Juice

What is it? A three-day fast with no food but plenty of packs of easy-to-digest juices (hint: steer clear of cooking smells). The fast not only eliminates toxins, but also gives the body a timeout and a chance to divert the energy used to digest foods to expel toxins and repair damage caused by processed foods, alcohol and other vices.

Upsides: Clearer skin, better sleep, strengthened immune system.

Downsides: Boredom, feeling chilly.

Where from? Order the juices online at Punch Detox.

Weight Watchers

What is it? Lose weight through controlling portion sizes and calories, supported by weekly get-togethers with other Weight Watchers. An international programme that has been running for 50 years, WW works in the long term (just check out Jennifer Hudson’s transformation) by encouraging healthy eating habits through its Propoints Programme and education sessions about how to make the right food choices and satisfy your cravings while losing weight.

Upsides: No hunger and plenty of support from other dieters.

Downside: It takes a while.

Where from? Join your nearest WW group in Sai Kung, Clearwater Bay, Central, Pok Fu Lam, Happy Valley, Kowloon, Mui Wo. For details, visit .