News from the Sai Kung Police, May 2019

Sai Kung Police April News - break inBreaking out of luck

Good Luck Games Centre on Yi Chun Street reported a break-in on April 12. Staff discovered that the back door had been broken into with a crowbar that was left at the scene. The coin changing machines had both been prised open and in total $32,100 was stolen in coins and cash from the premises. The owner was able to view the CCTV via his phone but could see that the service had been suspended at 3am because the CCTV harddisk had been stolen. Police are still investigating the case and have appealed to the public for information.


The cost of romance

On April 5, a bank teller at the HSBC Sai Kung branch called the local police on suspicions that a customer was being scammed out of money. The 64-year-old female was attempting to transfer $20,000 to an American bank account. Police discovered that the customer had been dating a man claiming to be an American serviceman through Facebook since September 2018. The couple had not met in person. The victim had been cheated out of $2 million across five transactions. The criminal has since disappeared and the money cannot be traced.


Sai Kung Police May News - Car & Cows

Farewell sweet mango

Mango, a well-known bull was struck by a car and killed instantly. The BMW was being driven by a 48-year-old female along Tai Mong Tsai Road towards Pak Tam Chung at around 10pm on April 8 when the accident occurred. The front of the car was seriously damaged and the driver was taken to Tseung Kwan O hospital for an arm fracture. The driver is still under investigation for careless driving. Local police are working with NGOs and voluntary groups including Sai Kung Cattle Angel to increase awareness of animals and reduce vehicle speeds in the local area.



At 4pm on April 14, a car overturned at Hiram’s Highway close to Po Lo Che Road. The female driver aged 43 and the female passenger aged 45 both climbed out of the vehicle unharmed, although the passenger later sought medical assistance at Tseung Kwan O Hospital. Traffic officers are still investigating the cause of the accident.


Caught in the act

Local police placed a road block on Hiram’s Highway on March 23. At 2am, a 32-year-old male driver was stopped and arrested for the possession of dangerous drugs. He was caught smoking cannabis and is on police bail.


Too close to the curb

On April 2, a 32-year-old male cyclist riding alone on Pat Tam Road lost his balance and hit the curb. He was taken to Tseung Kwan O Hospital in a conscious state. No injuries were reported.


Sai Kung Police April News - stealing electricity

Electricity fuelled mushrooms

In Ngau Pui Wo Village, a 68-year-old male was reported for abstraction of electricity on April 6. He had recently built a new property but was unable to apply for a new electric meter so sought assistance from a house 50 metres away for the use of their electricity. He did this by connecting an extra wire to the neighbour’s electricity meter and made sure he regularly paid for the use. However, the neighbour eventually reported the abstraction. It transpires that the new property was not being lived in but had been turned into a mushroom growing site surrounded by fertiliser, a smell which was increasingly bothering neighbours. These supermarket variety of mushrooms were being sold to nearby elderly residents, believers in the health properties of mushrooms, for good profits. The case is still ongoing.


Stealing double

On March 23, two neighbouring flats in Ho Chung New Village were broken into. The thief prised open the windows of the first floor flats around midday in broad daylight. $5,000 in cash was taken from one and $1,000 and 700 RMB in cash from the other. Other valuables were not taken. The case is still under investigation and police patrols have been increased across villages in Sai Kung.


For more information, contact Sai Kung Police Station, 1 Po Tung Road, Sai Kung, 3661 1630.