News from the Sai Kung Police (December 2017)

Senior Inspector Michael Lai reports on the recent cases in Sai Kung.

On December 2, a school bus parked at the outdoor car park in Ho Chung caught on fire. After the fire was safely put out, it was discovered to have happened due to a short circuit. Back in October last year, another school bus from the same company caught fire at the same location. There were no suspicions and signs of foul play for both incidents.

At the end of November, a thief around the age of 50-60 stole 12 pairs of shoes from three Pak Kong village houses. The total loss amounted to $20,100.

A middle-aged female from Mainland China was caught in an illegal immigrant case on December 11. She was found working at a restaurant in town centre after she tricked the employer with a forged ID card.

A case of theft occurred at Pak Kong during the early hours of the day. The window of a large goods vehicle was smashed and a rucksack and some coins were stolen.

Last month there were a total of nine hiking related Search and Rescue cases reported.

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A male aged 19 committed suicide by jumping from the roof of Centro along Chui Tong Road at the end of November. Later investigations revealed that he may have taken some dangerous drugs before the incident and his family was aware of his suicidal tendencies.

Special Police deployment would be arranged between mid December to mid February. The operation will enhance police presence and patrol in some strategic locations to combat burglaries and other crimes.

Sai Kung Cattle’s Angel and Sai Kung Buffalo Watch held a sharing session with officers from Sai Kung, Ma On Shan and officers from multiple traffic regions. This was to enhance the knowledge on how to handle feral cattle.

On December 11, one cattle was found at Wan Tsai campsite with two hooks from a BBQ fork stuck near his eye. SPCA and AFCD attended the scene to provide medical treatment. After checks, the cattle was released back to his herd. The case has been passed over to Crime of Wong Tai Sin.

For more information or to report a crime, please contact the Sai Kung Police Station, 1 Po Tung Road, Sai Kung, 3661 1630.