News from the Sai Kung Police (June 2017)

June Sai Kung police reports

At 5pm on June 7, a man was found lying on the ground at Tai Wan in a semi-conscious state. He was airlifted to a hospital but unfortunately passed away three days later, investigations are still ongoing.


A burglar had targeted the ground floor of a village house in Pak Kong Au along Po Lo Che Road. Fortunately, the homeowner had tied the windows together with an iron string, this prevented the culprit from entering. No property was stolen in this case.


A ship originating from Hong Kong Island was stopped in Sai Kung waters and was discovered to be smuggling pet food and clothes into China. The total value of the seized goods is estimated at $1.1 million. The case is still under investigation and pending court result.

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Whilst patrolling the West Dam of High Island Reservoir, police officers noticed a suspicious taxi which quickly turned to avoid them. When stopped, one of the passengers jumped out and attempted to run, but was caught. The passengers were all illegal immigrants from Vietnam, three have been handed over to the Immigration Department, another has been charged and pending court result, and the taxi driver is now on bail and pending further investigations.


In June, one individual was summoned for jaywalking.


An anti-smuggling operation was conducted on June 19 at Wong Shek Pier. The Marine Police were able to seize electronics, mobile phones, and birds nests with an estimated value of around $7 million. Unfortunately, the culprits were able to escape and no person has been arrested.

For more information or to report a crime, please contact the Sai Kung Police Station, 1 Po Tung Road, Sai Kung, 3661 1630.