Ng Sze Fuk, Chairman of Sai Kung District Council

George Ng Sze Fuk, Chairman of Sai Kung District Council

I am the sixth generation of a Sai Kung fishing family. I spent my childhood on the water. My family had a boat for commercial fishing and a boat for living on.

At six years old, I attended the Sai Kung Public School. It was thanks to Mr Ling Wang Yan, the headmaster of Sai Kung Public School at that time, that I got an education. I went to school during the day, and helped my parents work on our fishing boat at night. I was always exhausted, but I kept it up and eventually went to Sai Kung Sung Tsun Catholic School and later to high school in the city.


I moved from Sai Kung to the city in 1966 and started a garment business. Then in 1986, I moved back to Sai Kung and was appointed as a Member of the Sai Kung District Board.  I  currently live in Clearwater Bay.

Sai Kung is Hong Kong’s beautiful garden. This is our core vision of the district. The work of the district council is twofold: to improve living standards and protect the natural beauty of the area.

What I like most about Sai Kung is the people. Sai Kung is the melting pot of Chinese and Western culture, without any racial discrimination. Residents come from all over the world but they are united by a love of nature and pursuit of a relaxed lifestyle. There is a warmth and simplicity here that you don’t find in the city and everyone just seems to get along as a result.

The key challenge facing the Sai Kung district is transport infrastructure. Sai Kung is developing into a world acclaimed tourist destination. To meet rising tourism, we are going to have to improve Hiram’s Highway. There is no other option.

Sai Kung has so many beautiful places and scenic views. One of my favorite views is from the third East Course of Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course, which overlooks Port Shelter. Its just so gorgeous. Another great view is from the waterfront by the old Beach Hotel Resort. You can see several of the islands from this vantage point and on a nice day it’s breath-taking.

We have a lot planned for Sai Kung over the next five years. Beautification projects are currently underway at Sai Kung and we are always brainstorming how to make Sai Kung a more beautiful garden city. We plan to make the old town a cultural zone with heritage walks and a range of shopping street activities. A dragon boat theme park will be built at Fuk Man Road. We also hope to upgrade and restore a number of old buildings to add interest and local flavour to the pedestrianised shopping precinct. In 5 years, we hope Sai Kung will have a large-scale indoor stadium, and a hotel to accommodate the increasing tourism.

I am proud that I helped make Sai Kung’s seafood world famous. The District Board launched the Sai Kung Seafood Festival in the 1990s, which was co-organised with the Hong Kong Tourist Association. Before launching the Sai Kung Seafood Festival, Lei Yue Mun or Lamma Island were the only places people knew about.

I also worked hard to establish outdoor seating for the seafood restaurants in Sai Kung. I believe this has become a distinctive feature that has helped boost the local economy and also the tourism industry.

I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to all foreign friends living in Sai Kung to participate in the community and with the District Council.

I whole heartedly extend an invitation to Sai Kung Magazine readers to contact Sai Kung District Council with comments and advice for a better Sai Kung. Just email me at