Sai Kung Beach Boys Football Club

Sai Kung Beach Boys Football Club

They think it’s all over…they’re just getting started.
Ready to ace the German All Stars Over 40s Tournament next month, Sai Kung Beach Boys Football Club has come a long way.

Starting out, as all greats things do, over a few beers in the pub, a small group of middle-aged men dreamt of fulfilling their youthful dreams on the football field and even losing a few pounds on the way. “While most beverage-aided challenges such as this are usually discarded on Monday morning, we managed to pull ourselves together the following Sunday and turn up at the concrete pitch on Wai Man Road”, recalls Jon Martin, long time Sai Kung resident and sponsor of the team’s distinctive pink and black kit. Challenging themselves against a group of local young lads, the match went well and became a regular weekend fixture. Numbers on both sides soon started to grow as the group reached over 30 players.


With international ambitions, it was not long before the players took part in competitions beyond Hong Kong. “Although the weight loss across the board could be counted in mere ounces we improved as a team and decided to test ourselves internationally”, says Martin. “We set off for a competition in Taiwan last March and did very well until injury and  advanced age slowed us down a bit. The tour was great fun and spurred us on to look towards the next one”.

Last November’s Manila Nomads Veterans Competition saw the team achieve their best result to date by reaching the semi-finals.


The team is now looking to attract more players to their growing club. “We are always on the lookout for committed veteran football players and anyone living in Sai Kung who feels the need to reignite past glory”, says Martin. “We can now be found every dry Sunday morning at our new location, Pak Kong, at 10.30am. Afterwards we relocate to our headquarters, The Beach Bar, where we talk tactics and fix the world’s footballing problems over a few cold ones. We love our football but appreciate it is a little late to mount a world or Olympic challenge. So having fun is the name of the game. Sport brings people together and bumping into fellow players in and around Sai Kung is always a pleasure”.

Interested players can email for more details.