Sai Kung’s Best Restaurants

Want to find Sai Kung’s best restaurants? Whether it’s for a casual get-together, a special occasion or a comforting meal, our Dining Editor has picked Sai Kung’s best. Go forth and eat well!

Casa Cena
Casa Cena has a handful of Japanese-American nibbles and small plates

Best for a quick bite: Casa Cena

A newcomer to the square and sister restaurant to the original Casa, Casa Cena has a Japanese-American concept, playing with different flavours and ingredients. For something hearty and satisfying, try the bbq lamb and guacamole burger ($100) or the cena burger ($120; minced ribeye beef with pulled pork, lettuce and cheese, served with a side of fries). Casa Cena also serves breakfast, fresh juices and coffee.

9 Sha Tsui Path, Sai Kung Square, 2757 1020,


One-Thirtyone is housed in a three-storey building in Tseng Tau Village

Best for fine dining: One-Thirtyone

Situated just outside of Sai Kung town, One-Thirtyone is one of the more unique restaurants in the area, giving guests a dreamy experience from start to finish. Plotted in a three-storey building on a big block of land in Tseng Tau Village, the restaurant is set in a picturesque location, with a beautiful view of the sea and Three Fathoms Cove. During the day, diners can sit outside on the large lawn and enjoy the sunshine. Children and dogs can run around freely.

131 Tseng Tau Village, Shap Sze Heung, Sai Kung, 2791 2684,


The Conservatory
New to Sai Kung Square, The Conservatory, is best for special occasions

Best for special occasions: The Conservatory

Opened just last month, The Conservatory is a breath of fresh air for Sai Kung. Run by Clearwater Bay-based husband and wife duo, Robert and Kim Cooper, the Enoteca Group have taken the success of their SoHo restaurants to the Kung. Serving Mediterranean-style cuisine, dishes are delicately plated up. Dishes are made to share, with the menu having a heavy focus on Mediterranean-style small plates and homemade thin crust pizzas (starts from $118). If you want to sample a few dishes, order the white wine platter or the red wine platter (both $248) which includes a selection of their signature starters like goats cheese stuffed piquillo peppers, parma ham and toasted foccacia.

G/F, 26 Wan King Path, Sai Kung,

Chinese Kitchen in Sai Kung specialises in Hunan cuisine.
Chinese Kitchen in Sai Kung specialises in Hunan cuisine.

Best for adventurous eaters: Chinese Kitchen

Make your way to Chinese Kitchen for an authentic Hunan chow down. Dishes pack a punch and use different traditional herbs and spices. Five spiced sliced beef ($138), steamed fish head with chillies (half a pot $168; full pot $268) and razor clams with garlic and chillies ($48 each or $98 for two; need to be preordered) are popular dishes that are popular in Hunan. Levels of spiciness can be adjusted to suit personal taste. There are non-spicy and vegetarian dishes on the menu as well. Most dishes are available for takeaway.

G/F, 16 Wan King Path, Sai Kung, 2192 2348,

Takka Fusion
Takka Fusion serves up delicious Japanese food

Best for casual dining: Takka Fusion 

Takka Fusion Sai Kung plates up modern Japanese food including sushi rolls, sashimi and donburi (rice bowls). The lunch sets are reasonably priced and include all your favourite Japanese classics. Takka Fusion has several vegetarian options.

15 Sha Tsui Path, Sai Kung, 2792 2202,

Sing Kee was awarded a Michelin star in 2015

Best for visitors: Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant

Pull up a chair at Sing Kee, a hidden gem in Sai Kung’s old town. Sing Kee was awarded a Michelin star in 2015 and rightly so. The restaurant is decked out with large red boards with yellow writing in a spacious three storey building. Book ahead as there is a limited number of outdoor tables. Like most seafood restaurants on the waterfront, guests can choose their dinner from the fish tanks on the ground floor.

33-39 Sai Kung Tai Street, 2791 9887.

Massive tanks of fresh seafood at Chuen Kee Seafood

Best for views: Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant

Serving a similar menu to the other seafood restaurants along the waterfront, Chuen Kee does it a bit better than the rest – winning an entry into the Michelin guide a few years ago. The long-established restaurant is slightly more comfortable with space and atmosphere. Diners can pick their own seafood from the overspilling tanks and hand it over to the waitress and let them know how you want it cooked.  The salt and pepper mantis shrimp is a winner. Want to go simple? Order the steamed fish – either garoupa or snapper – bathed in a deliciously sweet soy sauce, topped with julienned ginger and spring onion.

87-89 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung, 2792 6938.

Despite not having any English signage, Loaf On is a well known Sai Kung institution.

Best for variety: Loaf On

Tucked away in Sai Kung old town, Loaf On won the area’s first ever Michelin star in 2010. Still a perennial favourite, the restaurant serves up piping hot and lip-smackingly good food. Recommended dishes include razor clams in black bean sauce, chilli and garlic deep fried tofu and salt and pepper fresh whole abalone. Alternatively, for something lighter, try the scallops with vermicelli glass noodles and garlic. Whatever your seafood of choice is, Loaf On is sure to hit the spot in both flavour and freshness.

49 See Cheung Street, Sai Kung, 2792 9966.

Hung Kee Seafood Restaurant has massive fish tanks and a wonderful space on the waterfront

Best for atmosphere: Hung Kee Seafood Restaurant

Occupying a large space on the waterfront with massive fish tanks showcasing all the seafood the restaurant has to offer, Hung Kee Seafood is hard to miss. Try their signature lobster and noodles with cheese sauce or the black bean with scallop, as well as fried rice in crab shell and e-fu noodles. The restaurant offers set meals as well as a la carte.

Shop 6 & 9-10, G/F, Siu Yat Building, Sai Kung Hoi Pong Square, 2792 1348.

Jaspas in Sai Kung is the first Jaspas in Hong Kong.

Best for families: Jaspas

Jaspas is a long established eatery in Sai Kung square and the first Jaspas in Hong Kong. It’s part of Clearwater Bay resident Wayne Parfitt’s hospitality group, Castelo Concepts. Jaspas serves up reliable, comfort food all day long with an extensive breakfast and lunch menu. Both popular favourites at Jaspas, don’t miss out on the Jaspas Super Sub, available in half ($60) or full loaf ($105) and the Mini Baby Back Ribs ($185). There are also a handful of vegetarian options available, like the veggie fajitas ($138) or the pumpkin and mushroom risotto ($145).

Open from 8am till late. 13 Sha Tsui Path, Sai Kung, 2792 6388,

Cali-mex Sai Kung
Cali-mex Sai Kung serves up casual Mexican food

Best for comfort food: Cali-mex

You voted, and Cali-mex listened. Following on from this year’s Sai Kung Readers’ Choice Awards, where there was an overwhelming response for Mexican food to be brought to the area, Cali-mex Sai Kung finally opened in October in the square. Unlike its other outlets, the Sai Kung branch offers spacious seating, full table service, extensive cocktail and a kids menu. Besides burritos, quesadillas, tacos and nachos, the menu also features off the grill items like 10oz rib-eye steak ($198), grilled chicken breast ($158), and fish fillet ($148), with sides at an additional cost. Cali-mex now offers a delivery service to Sai Kung, Clearwater Bay and surrounding areas.

22 Wan King Path, Sai Kung

Classified Sai Kung
Classified Sai Kung is a great place to meet

Best for brunch: Classified

With multiple branches across Hong Kong, Classified Sai Kung is the most family-friendly. Situated in the square, the restaurant is adorned with wooden shelves and rustic hanging lights. With tables comfortably spaced, there are a handful of tables on the ground level with a large communal table for bigger parties. There is also seating available on the second level.

5 Sha Tsui Path, Sai Kung, 2529 3454,

piccolos sai kung
Piccolos specialises in Italian cuisine, but serves some delicious Asian dishes too

Best for all-day dining: Piccolo’s

Owned by Clearwater Bay resident Wayne Parfitt, Piccolo’s has a modern yet dainty vibe. The menu is Italian fusion with a good mix of meat and seafood dishes. The eatery offers an extensive range of dishes, from pork belly lollipops ($125) and crumbed calamari rings ($125) to New Zealand tenderloin ($208) and Linguine Vongole ($150). Save some room for their selection of sweet treats – try the chocolate chip cookie skillet ($75) which is served with chunky choc chips, caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. The kids menu includes fish and chips, spaghetti bolognese, chicken fried rice and kids pizzas ($70 each; for 12 years and under). Piccolos’ second floor can be hired for private parties and occasions.

G/F Wan King Path, Sai Kung, 2791 9233,