Sai Kung Kayaking Guide

MAR 23-27 (15)

Kayaking is one of the cheapest, healthiest and most fun ways to get out on the water in Sai Kung. Kayakers are close enough to the water to splash themselves cool on steamy days, but cocooned and dry(ish) in chilly weather. It is a tranquil way to get some fresh air, explore our beautiful coastline and workout those core and upper-body muscles.

Sha Ha Beach

Conveniently located at the end of the Sai Kung waterfront promenade, Sha Ha Beach is lined with kayaks just begging to be launched. Eddy Tam runs the Windsurfing Centre on the sand and rents kayaks from $50 an hour.

Also operating from Sha Ha Beach is Blue Sky Water Sports Club, which has a centre next to the barbecue centre on the waterfront promenade. Kayaks are available from $120 an hour, with private coaching available for novices and a transparent kayak for seeing exactly what is swimming beneath you.

Windsurfing Centre, 2792 5605, 9733 1228, or visit

Blue Sky Water Sports Club, call Bryan Ng at 2791 0806, 9468 1684,

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Hoi Ha Beach

Deep in Sai Kung Country Park is lovely Hoi Ha Beach, where you can rent kayaks to explore the marine park, cruising over starfish and coral beds, and even venture around the headland to Wong Shek Pier. Local resident “Fred the boatman” rents kayaks for $100-$250 at one of the few centres with showers. He can be a bit elusive, so we recommend booking ahead.

For details, call 2328 2169, 9164 5756 or 2328 2181.


Chong Hing Reservoir

Spectacularly located at High Island’s West Sea Cofferdam, a few minutes by taxi from the Country Park barrier, the government-run Chong Hing Water Sports Centre is loaded with equipment at rock-bottom prices. As well as kayaks, it offers sailing, windsurfing, surf canoes and even pedaloes, and there’s a campsite for those who’d like to make a weekend of it. Reservations essential; closed Thursdays. Entry is $7 and kayak rental is $16 an hour on weekdays and $24 at weekends.

For details, call 2792 6810 or visit


Tai Mong Tsai

The Jockey Club Sai Kung Outdoor Training Camp on Tai Mong Tsai Road offers a host of watersports including bamboo rafting, canoeing, sailing and snorkeling. You need a group of at least eight people to use the facility and reservations are essential. Entry is $20 a head, and kayak rental is $40 a day, with private coaching available. It even has a canteen, selling meals for just $29.

For details, call 2792 2727 or visit