Sai Kung residents decide to bare it all for charity

Tools with tools - Sai Kung residents decide to bare it all for charity
The crew behind Tools With Tools

Most conversations down at the pub tend to be forgotten after a few drinks and a night of sleep, but a group of Sai Kung men stayed true to their words.

Together with the help of a local photographer and graphic designer, they made the naked calendar Tools with Tools to help raise funds for two of their chosen charities, The Movember Foundation and Catherine’s Puppies.

The calendar has been 6 weeks in the making. And as the name suggests, it involves using various tools creatively positioned to cover the models’ dignity.

“It was a pub conversation gone wrong that we decided to go ahead with to raise some money”, said Stuart Wadsworth who helped organise the project. “We’re a bunch of middle-aged men from Sai Kung, including several prominent restaurant owners, that decided to put together a charity calendar”. When asked who these prominent restaurant owners were, Wadsworth replied, “Sing Lai from Jaspas, Nathan Fleck from Cena before he left and Doug Marshall from Cava.”

“I was quite nervous to be honest but having persuaded everyone else to help out I couldn’t back out,” said Wadsworth. “We had a big family barbecue at my house along Tai Mong Tsai road and ran across the road to an AFCD barbecue site for the photo shoot, hoping to avoid any 94 buses full of girl guides driving past.”

Andrew Gulliver who features in the calendar said, “It was my first time involved in something like this. If we can make this an annual event, it won’t be the last. Having an excellent photographer helped to take your mind off exactly what it was we were doing. Lots of laughing helped too. The photos were fantastic and the layout is very professionally done. I think people who knew what we were doing will be pleasantly surprised. But definitely not aroused!”

taking all your clothes off in a public space, even drunk it wasn’t an
easy thing to do

Paul Coyne, another model featured in the calendar, adds, “You’re taking all your clothes off in a public space, standing in front of a guy with a camera. Even drunk it wasn’t an easy thing to do.”

The photo shoot was Gabriel Dalton’s first as a photographer. It had proved to be challenging in more ways than one, “At first I found it a little uncomfortable taking the photos but as I got through the shoot I was a little more relaxed. The most embarrassing moment for me was having to take photos of my manager Sing from Jaspas.”

Graphic designer Nikki Stones was put in charge of putting the product together, “As soon as Mr February said they were fundraising for Movember, I couldn’t say no. It’s a charity close to my heart as I have lost both my grandad and one of my best friends who didn’t reach his 30th birthday to prostate and testicular cancer.”

“So for this reason, the fact I like puppies, plus a couple of Gin and Tonics later, I agreed to put the calendar together and I’m so glad I did. I think the calendar has come together really well. Hopefully with the talent on show each month, it’s going to be a bestseller. Although, I may find it a little embarrassing talking to any wives or girlfriends of the ‘models’,” said Stones.

my eyes were teary with laughter

We reached out to Catherine Lumsden, founder of Catherine’s Puppies, for her comments on the calendar, “Absolutely bl**dy ridiculous yet tremendous. Those were my thoughts when I saw it, my eyes were teary with laughter. I would like to personally thank, with all my heart, all of the individuals involved in the calendar and I obviously hope lots of people will buy one ” A launch party will be held in Sai Kung in November, more details will be published on

500 copies of the calendar have been ordered but stocks are not expected to last, “Sai Kung is such a good community that we expect to sell all of these and hope to do extra print runs,” said Wadsworth.

The calendars will be available to purchase at Cava, Cena, Jaspas, Butcher King, Kidnapped Book Shop, Sai Kung Sunday Markets, the Hive pop up market, Sunday morning at the Stingrays, The Picture House and online at tools with