Save Hoi Ha’s corals

Hoi Ha coral

Recent results of a research conducted by Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong (LPCUWC) together with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) shows the continued degradation of the coral reef in Hoi Ha Wan. The team, Coral Monitors, consisting of students and teachers, conducts weekly analysis of the coral reef with the aim to increase interest in and awareness of marine ecosystems, their values and threats.

“Seeing what’s happening in the park to the coral communities and the life which depends on them is heartbreaking. The damage here (in Hoi Ha) will negatively impact humans, billions of whom are dependent on the world’s oceans for sustenance and need them as part of our life support system,” says co-leader Linda Olson.

The most recent findings concludes that the immediate causes of damage include extended algal bloom, population explosion of diadema urchins and drupella snails, both of which graze on the coral. The degradation of the coral can be attributed to overfishing, construction and nitrogen run-off. “We have been alarmed at the deterioration observed, with decrease in coral coverage at all sites and complete devastation in some, with concurrent outbreaks of diadema and drupella,” reports Dr. Jon Chui from LP UWC HK. The team hopes to alert the Hong Kong public and government on the extensive damage happening beneath the surface of the sea; encouraging them to take individual and collaborative action.
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