Sea Kayaking with Paul Etherington

There’s no better time to go exploring Sai Kung’s distinctive coastlines. Kayak and Hike Ltd expert, Paul Etherington puts his oar in.

SK mag: How did you get into sea kayaking?
Paul Etherington: I started kayaking in 2000. My good friend Chris Campion showed me around and really opened my eyes. I found it a great way to see our marine parks from a different perspective. That’s when I added kayaking to the business. I started in Hoi Ha and Grass Island then, as it got busy with other commercialized tours I moved to Sai Kung. From Clearwater Bay I explored the surrounding islands to find the best places to go on kayaking adventures.

What is Kayak and Hike?
We offer Hong Kong residents unique kayaking, snorkeling and hiking in Sai Kung’s undiscovered offshore islands that commercialized tours have no access to.

How has Sai Kung inspired your work?
Sai Kung is the last place in Hong Kong that has untouched natural areas, all of which need to be protected from urban developers. Some of the best geological sites in the world can be found here and most people don’t even know about it! It’s covered with hills, mountains and a distinctive coastline all waiting to be explored.

What are the highlights of your Geopark explorer adventure?
The main highlights of the Geopark day trip are the sea caves and arches we get to paddle through. The waters can be quite rough in these parts so we take a powerboat out first. For bigger packs, we bring a junk boat. The whole day is filled with kayaking and snorkeling around the neighboring islands.

Who do you recommend should try out sea kayaking?
Anybody can kayak, but you have to learn to swim first!

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