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Shoot a cow

Next time you see a feral cow give it a name, take its picture and send it to Sai Kung Buffalo Watch ( The local group is building up a database of photos so Sai Kung’s iconic animals can be better monitored and protected. Members of the public are asked to take a “decent headshot […]

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Have You Herd?

Sai Kung’s herd of feral cows has almost doubled in size. It’s a bovine baby boom that has led the herd to regularly wander through Sai Kung town in search of new pastures. Now local environmental group Sai Kung Buffalo Watch (SKBW) has teamed up with the government to relocate some of cattle to the […]

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Count the cattles

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department was spotted in Sha Kok Mei rounding up feral cattle again last week According to eye-witness accounts, the process is complicated, brutal and not very successful. Usually, a night’s work results in only a handful of cows being captured and moved to Sheung Shui. So local pressure group Sai […]

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Save the Cows!

Cow hit and run A pregnant cow was killed on Tai Mong Tsai Road last month in a hit-and-run incident. According to reports, a speeding motorist hit the cow, stopped briefly after the impact then drove off towards the country park, leaving the injured animal on the road. In response, local group Sai Kung Buffalo […]

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Poor Cows

How Now for Sai Kung ‘s Cows? Is time up for Sai Kung’s iconic and much-photographed herds of feral cows? As a government campaign to relocate the cattle intensifies, local tempers are flaring and life looks bleak for the cows that are much loved by many residents. An Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) campaign […]

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