Village Focus: Tai Mong Tsai

Tai Mong Tsai: Barbecues, greenery and battlegrounds

Tai Mong Tsai has become a favourite weekend destination for many families in Hong Kong. Situated along the southern edge of Sai Kung West Country Park, Tai Mong Tsai is loved for its close proximity to nature and wildlife.

Tai Mong Tsai 2

The village can be reached via a fairly inconspicuous path located at the far end of Tai Mong Tsai car park. There you will find two small stores selling a range of food and drinks. Head down the stairs and under the thick cover of trees and bushes. A single path stretches over the steady stream flowing below and past many clusters of tall bamboo gently swaying in the wind.

Tai Mong Tsai 1
A verdant backdrop in Tai Mong Tsai

After a short walk, the jungle of greenery opens up into the small peaceful Tai Mong Tsai village. Despite the fairly busy road located only a couple of hundred metres away, the village is blessed with beautifully serene surroundings. The dense foliage surrounding the village muffle out the sound of cars driving by. Instead, sounds of the rustling of leaves, accompanied by birds singing can be heard. 

Village history

Tai Mong Tsai was also home to the battlegrounds of the Dongjiang Guerrilla Force during the Japanese occupation. The hilly topography found here and all over the Sai Kung Peninsula once protected the fighters against the Japanese army. It was in some parts of Tai Mong Tsai where they would carry out missions behind enemy lines such as rescuing allied troops and transporting them out of Hong Kong and into safety.

Located near the campsite in Tai Mong Tsai, a monument was built to commemorate the freedom fighters who had lost their lives during World War II. Over $1million was raised by old members of the Dongjiang Guerilla Force and Sai Kung residents to build this monument, which was completed in 1989.

Sai Kung residents continue to hold commemorative events here every year on August 15, marking the anniversary of Emperor Hirohito’s surrender message in 1945.

Barbecues galore

Those who live outside of Sai Kung often venture into Tai Mong Tsai to taste the life of the countryside – favourite activities include hiking, camping and barbecuing. Tai Mong Tsai has become so popular that it now has a total of 152 barbecue pits.

Tai Mong Tsai 3
Barbecue pits at Tai Mong Tsai

How to get to Tai Mong Tsai

  • Take No.94 Bus from Sai Kung Town, alight at Tai Mong Tsai Tsuen. Costs $6.80.
  • Alternatively, take a taxi from Sai Kung Town, costs around $60.