Tech classes for curious creatives

Tech classes for curious creatives offers accessible online courses, such as the Android App Design & Coding Course, as well as one-on-one online lessons personalized to students’ individual needs. They have a focus on course quality, with all of their tutors coming from Harvard and MIT and from teaching about their specific area of expertise. As well as the Android App Design & Coding Course, also offer other ‘outside-the-box’ courses such as the Harvard Model Congress Intro Course.

For full details, visit or call 3728 5927.

Koding Kingdom
Coding is essential in creating computer software, apps and websites. Koding Kingdom aims to empower young people with the knowledge to understand and create their own animations, apps and games. Courses are structured to suit different ages and levels of experience with plenty of challenges for novice coders and those with prior coding experience. A special Minecraft class allows coders to immerse themselves in a world of blocks of unlimited size and number, where they are able to create any structure their imaginations can muster. Classes are held in a number of locations including Cyberport, Tin Hau and Prince Edward. For full details visit or call 3706 8918.

First Code Academy
Kids these days aren’t just experts at using technology, they are now becoming experts at creating technology. First Code Academy, founded by former Silicon Valley software engineer Michelle Sun, aims to equip students with the knowledge of digital literacy and the goal of enabling young people to be creators of technology. First Code Tinker (ages six to eight) and First Code Explorer (ages nine to 11) classes dive straight into creating and customising a series of fun mobile apps. First Code Creator (ages 12 and above) students get to grips with programming and use algorithms to create and manipulate advanced software. Each term has 12 weekly classes up to two hours long and costs from $6,360-$10,680. Full details can be found at or call 2772 2108.

First Code Academy

Company founder Jimmy Choy, who has worked as a lecturer, engineer, lawyer and even as a chef in the family restaurant, established Brainchild 10 years ago to help his son, who has ADHD, progress with his learning. The concept has flourished and Choy now runs DIY robotics and technology workshops for kids who appreciate a very hands-on and interactive learning experience. Choy uses existing robotic toys, powered by batteries and remotely controlled, as a starting point. He teaches children to modify them to run on solar power and operate more efficiently, making them faster and even programmable. Choy has even created his own wind tunnel in the workshop, where students can check the streamlining of their models and measure air resistance. The models are not limited to bugs and robots. Aerial enthusiasts can sign up for special classes to explore how to make planes and other things that fly. App jamming, where students can develop their own games and apps for Android devices is sure to prove popular. Full details can be found at or call 2528 6862.


Bricks 4 Kidz
Universally popular with kids and adults alike, LEGO has been a staple in children’s toy boxes since its creation over 60 years ago. Recognising its potential to be more than a simple toy, Bricks 4 Kidz has become a global franchise introducing the colourful bricks to thousands of youngsters around the world. At Bricks 4 Kidz, students construct a new model each week based on different themes, from space and sports to amusement parks and animals. Young builders will learn about the concepts of design and develop their creative side with experienced model builders. Each model has two difficulty levels so kids in need of a challenge can get to grips with axles, gears and motors and push themselves to master remote controls and gear ratios. Classes take place at Bricks 4 Kidz Creativity Centres in Wan Chai and Sai Kung as well as at a number of international schools around the city. Full details can be found at

The Genius Workshop
Since 2004 The Genius Workshop (previously Children’s Technology Workshop Hong Kong) has been improving children’s science-related knowledge with their popular courses including LEGO Engineering and Mechanic Workshop. The Genius Workshop has now expanded to offer a range of after-school classes to satisfy any young tech enthusiast. The Mechanic Workshop, Robotic Division, Engineering Workshop, Animation Academy, Green Zone and Architecture Unit all use LEGO to create a series of challenges to teach the most up-to-date science and technology concepts. Classes start for children aged from three to 14 years and take place in either the Happy Valley or Prince Edward centres. Full details can be found at or call 2591 0100.

Bricks 4 Kids

TLC Kids
Taking the world by storm since its release earlier this decade, the virtual construction game Minecraft has become a useful learning tool to teach children about a whole range of academic topics. Using the popular game, kids can explore, create and develop essential computer and ICT skills. Fun themes to explore include Fantasy World, Medieval Adventure and CSI Detective. Classes take place at a number of locations. Full details can be found at or call 2606 2770.

TLC Kids