Join the Tin Hau Temple Celebrations

Birthday celebrations


Having reached its first century, Tin Hau Temple is putting on one of the biggest celebration it has ever done. A temporary bamboo theatre will be erected in front of the temple for the series of Chinese opera shows scheduled. All shows are free and people can join and leave any time throughout the show.

Day 1 – Nov 17

It all kicks off with an opening ceremony which begins at 1pm, expect a lively atmosphere with lion dancing and music ringing the streets of Sai Kung.

After, a Taoist has been invited to the temple to provide some words of self reflection.

Offerings will be made on this day to comfort the wandering spirits, it is believed that this will prevent the spirits from haunting people.

To wrap up the first day, a Chinese opera show will be held at the temporary bamboo theatre just outside the temple.

Day 2 – Nov 18

The second day will have two Chinese opera shows, one starting at 2pm and the second at 7.45pm.

Day 3 – Nov 19

At 10am, over 10 Taoists will be making prayers and blessings to the temple and the Sai Kung residents. Once the prayers are over, 100th anniversary souvenirs will be handed out to the public.

There will be a Chinese opera show to end the day, starting at 7.45pm.

Day 4 – Nov 20

A parade will start at 8.15am which sees Tin Hau and Kwan Tai statues being carried along the streets of Sai Kung. A portion of the parade will be conducted on water. Members of the public can follow watch from one of the 50 viewing boats floating alongside. “I believe this will be the biggest water parade throughout Hong Kong”, says Li.

A banquet of Poon Choi for 500 guests will be held after the parade. Poon Choi is a traditional Chinese dish eaten during celebratory events. A variety of ingredients in placed in a large bowl or ‘poon’ and stewed until ready to be served.

Both the boat section of the parade and the poon choi will require registration, pop into Tin Hau temple for more details.

Day 5 – Nov 21

Cantonese opera, 7.45pm

Day 6 – Nov 22

Chinese opera concert, featuring Hau Kit Yi and her apprentices. 5-10pm.

Chinese Opera

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