Trashzilla sighted on Repulse Bay beach

Last month, over 800 local children and volunteers teamed together as part of Kids Ocean Day to form an image of Hong Kong’s trash monster “Lap Sap Chung”, or Trashzilla, on Repulse Bay Beach. The aerial art image carried a powerful message about protecting the ocean from plastic pollution that endangers marine life.

Young ocean ambassadors came from schools across Hong Kong and Macau to volunteer. The image of Trashzilla, designed by nine-year-old Ty Curnow from The International School of Macao, was chosen as part of a drawing competition organised by Hong Kong-based NGO Ocean Recovery Alliance.

trashzillaMichael Klubock, the Founder of Kids Ocean Day, which was conceived in the U.S. in 1994, said, “Kids Ocean Day is about alerting us all to the need [to protect] the ocean from the everyday trash and plastic litter that is thrown on streets, which sadly often ends up in our waters, killing marine life and polluting our food resources.”