Tso Wo Hang

Handy for Sai Kung and Sha Tin, with a new paved village centre and a stunning view, Tso Wo Hang is on the up and up.

Never one of Sai Kung’s prettiest villages, Tso Wo Hang has had something of a makeover lately. Tucked around a bend in the road between Sai Sha roundabout and the country park, the large, ugly car park that used to dominate the village centre and its row of traditional houses has been cleaned up, fenced in and paved with bricks. A large stone emblazoned with gold characters proudly announces your arrival in Tso Wo Hang.

That row of old houses is now broken up by four new-builds, as jarring as the gold teeth in a Hakka lady’s smile. But overall, the impression is of a village on the rise.

More new houses huddle together to the right of the repaved square, and many more climb the hill in the Tsovo Villas complex to the left. The appeal for these new properties lies in Tso Wo Hang’s proximity to Sai Kung, just a five-minute drive away, and Sha Tin (10-15 minutes) – and its lovely view.

While the new developments are more crammed in than the older blocks, such as mews-like Bayview Villas and spacious Country Villas, frequently visited by feral cows, the view from their roofs is stunning. Like the cluster of more expensive, individual homes clinging to the precipitous hill on the other side of the village, they look straight across island-dotted Inner Port Shelter to the HKUST. Anyway, who needs a garden when right across the road is a string of grassy picnic and barbecue grounds on the water’s edge?

The Hong Kong Police Force must like it, because it has a Recreation Centre here, right opposite the large public pier.

Like piers everywhere, Tso Wo Hang’s is a popular spot, filled with fishermen, brides having their pictures taken, dog walkers, lovers and
others just enjoying the view.