Village Focus: Tui Min Hoi

Where? Tui Min Hoi

Head to the waterfront at the end Sai Kung old town, look out across the water, past the numerous parked boats – and there you’ll find Tui Min Hoi, a quiet but pleasantly quirky village.

Tui Min Hoi 1The village’s location is perfectly described by its own name, which from Cantonese directly translates to ‘across the sea’. From old town, it only takes a few minutes walk before you reach the path traversing the outer edge of Tui Min Hoi. At the start of the path, keep your eyes peeled on the first railings on the left, you can often find tiny crabs scurrying along the banks.Tui Min Hoi 3

The path twists and turns down large boatyards and unique designed village houses, each different to its neighbour. Occasionally narrow back alleyways break off from the path, inviting you deeper into Tui Min Hoi. For a picturesque view, take the first turning on the right which heads up a hill. The halfway point provides a panoramic view over the boatyards and Sai Kung old town. Keep heading up and you’ll stumble into Kwun Mun Fishermen Village

All the houses found in this section of Tui Min Hoi are government houses built due to the construction of High Island Reservoir. “My family and I were originally fishermen who lived on a boat docked in Kwun Mun Channel (now High Island Reservoir). Once the dam was built it meant we could no longer liver there”, says Leung Kam Sze, a long time resident of Kwun Mun Fishermen Village. “With the loss of our homes, all the fishermen who lived in the area were moved on land to this village – this is the first and only house I’ve ever lived in”, Leung turned 78 just a few months ago.

Tui Min Hoi 2

Leung explains why she never moved out of Tui Min Hoi, “It’s nice living here, we’re still very close to Sai Kung. Even for my age, I can still walk to Sai Kung town to buy ingredients from the market. I’m too old to walk back up the hill though but there’s a bus which stops at the village so it is still very convenient.”

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Throughout Tui Min Hoi, many of the houses have their own miniature gardens – fully utilizing the available space given. Look a little closer and you’ll begin to notice many objects around the village appear to have been hand-made. Clothing lines strung with ring pulls are used to hold hangers in place as clothes dry, garden shelves hammered together using odd bits of metal, fishing nets converted into recycling bins, kitchen ladles made from a cleaned out coconut shell. “Most of us come from a fishing background, we’re used to making things. It helps us save money, it’s good for the environment and is also quite fun”, said Leung.

Tui Min Hoi 4

How to get to Tui Min Hoi
  • Take a taxi from Sai Kung Town – costs around $20 – $25
  • Take No.4 Minibus from Sai Kung Town, costs $3.30