Walkies – Caroline Halbroth

Sai Kung Dog Walk

Sai Kung resident Caroline Halbroth shares her five year old beagle Suki’s favourite dog walk.

When it comes to dog walks, Sai Kung has plenty of great options to choose from. Suki, my 5 year old Beagle, and I typically walk close to our home in Tso Wong Hang. We make our way round to the Tso Wong Hang beaches, pier and BBQ pits a little further up. But when it’s not too hot, Suki loves to go on longer walks and our favourite has to be to Sai Wan in Sai Kung East Country Park. The reward for doing this hike is getting to the beach at the end for a relaxing swim and a day of exploration.

Starting from Tso Wong Hang, the distance is over 10km so it obviously isn’t our everyday walk. We start by following Tai Mong Tsai Road up towards the Pak Tam Chung barriers. I love seeing our buffalo herds walking up and down Tai Mong Tsai Road with their babies, they tend to be fine with nearby dogs or people. Other animals you may see along the way include wild boars, butterflies and spiders. Upon reaching the barriers, continue down Sai Kung Sai Wan Road which heads all the way out to Sai Wan. Those with extra time and energy can go a little further to Ham Tin and Tai Wan beach which tend to be a little quieter.

Along the way, the scenery is beautiful and is well taken care of by park rangers (when not damaged by people throwing their garbage and bottles everywhere). Depending on the season, you will see many different coloured flowers and even mushrooms growing on dead trees. If your dog is friendly and can handle walking freely, there are some parts you can take them off the leash. Of course, we are now in the snake season and I hope not to see any, so if we walk near high bushes I make a loud noise or avoid them altogether.

Suki particularly loves this trail as she gets to walk the hillsides, explore the forests and swim at the beach – this walk has it all. Remember to bring water for both you and your dog as this will be a long walk. A dog poo bag is also a must and please throw in the garbage rather than in the bushes with the other plastics. Lastly, mosquito repellent will help during the summer months. To head back, you can either retrace the route you came by or take a boat back to Wong Shek Pier where there are buses back to Sai Kung.