Walkies – High Jump Peak

Walkies - High Jump Peak | Sai Kung & Clearwater Bay Magazine
Rowan with Otto

Clearwater Bay Rowan Varty shares his favourite dog walk.

I have a five-month-old German Shepard named Otto. We live in Clearwater bay so I usually take him around our area. The first walk I’ve done with him is at High Jump Peak Country Trail. The very dense forest has a scenery that overlooks Hong Kong’s eastern waters. Also, there are few stairs which can be very good for Otto’s hips. This trail is never busy but there are a couple of points where the mountain bike trail meets the walking path so be aware.

To get there, I usually take a bus opposite the Hang Hau Wing Lung road and get down where the trail starts along the hills of Tai O Mun road. Depending on how fit the dog you can go to the peak of the hill and top. Or you can go around the hill. Since Otto is still young and playful, the walk usually takes an hour but for a full-grown active dog they said it can take around half an hour. Dogs can be off the lead since the trail is not that busy, although you’ll probably see signs to keep them on a leash all the time.

Another walk that we love is the park at the end of Clearwater bay road. Tai Au Mun has plenty of space where families usually fly their kites. As for Otto, these grass grounds are perfect for fetching a tennis ball.