Walkies – Pak Kong Au Road

Sai Kung resident Sarah Rock shares her favourite dog walk.

Haven’t got time for a long hike, but want to see breathtaking views? This is one of my favourite short circular hikes to go on during the cooler weather with my two dogs, Monty and Sherlock Bones. It’s a blast going uphill to the top, pausing for a moment to look back over Sai Kung, before a meander back down.

Make your way to Pak Kong Au Road either via Minibus 3A, by car or taxi, or by foot. You will find the start of this hike nestled between some bins, very close to Greenpeak Villas. Take the concrete stairs ahead which guide you on a steep climb up. After a short while, the steps become a natural path, here things start to get challenging. After passing by grave stones and bamboo forests, eventually you will break out of the trees to reveal the most breathtaking views of Sai Kung. Follow this path a little further until you reach a T-junction, with Ngong Ping to your right. There you need to take a left joining Stage 4 of the MacLehose Trail for a while, which will be signposted Mau Ping. Now you can enjoy the fruits of your labour as it’s all downhill from here with more stunning views.

You will eventually reach a pagoda and it’s here that you leave the MacLehose Trail. Take a left to turn downhill over a small stream. My dogs always enjoy playing in the water here. Shortly after you will come to a fork in the path. Take the left hand fork – the right takes you to Pak Kong.

This lovely path takes you over another stream and past a beautiful temple that is always colourfully decorated. Then, you will pass through an enchanting bamboo section and it’s here that you find yourself back at the steps where you started. The hike runs a little under five kilometres, takes one to two hours depending on your pace and is a good, challenging walk. I would recommend plenty of water and walking poles with you – and of course, your most comfortable hiking shoes.