Where to adopt a cat

CATSWant a cat? Don’t buy one, Save one! Adopt one from these rescue centres.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The SPCA was set up in 1903 and has been dealing with animal welfare ever since. To control cats’ populations, the SPCA has introduced a cat birth control programme, the Cat Colony Care Programme, in 2000. They offer free spay or neuter surgery to stray cats, feed and watch over street cats in Hong Kong. Their aim is to improve the lives and health of the cats or kittens. They also offer advice and support to help with adoption and fostering of friendly cats.

Contact Calais Sin at 2232 5513, cccp@spca.org.hk or visit their website for more information. [hr]

The Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch

The HK Alley Cat Watch is a society set up by Marian Banaghan and Michelle Temple in 2003. They take good care of injured street cats and newborn kittens.  At the same time, they welcome calls concerning orphaned newborn kittens. They are always more than happy to point people in the right direction, or else, find an alternative foster or permanent home if needed.

Contact Michelle Temple 9310 0744, athenaho@netvigator.com or visit their website for more information. [hr]

The Hong Kong Cat Refuge

The HKCF is a welfare group promoting the idea of ABC (Animal Birth Control) and RAL (Respect All Lives) and SLSE (Save Lives, Save Earth) and GTGP (Good Things to Good People). Their services include saving, taking care of and rehoming stray cats and dogs. In 2010, they have saved nearly 40 homeless cats and dogs from being put down in the relocation of Tuen Mun Village. They have been seeking donations and foster homes to save many more unlucky cats and dogs.

Contact 8200 4668, hkcr@ymail.com or jane@hkcr.org.hk. Visit their website for more information. [hr]

The Hong Kong Cat Salvation Army

With their slogan- “Cat lovers don’t buy, Adoption is vogue”, the HKCSA offers cat adoption to give lovely kittens and cats new homes. The HKCSA is a charitable organization set up in 1997 to work for the welfare of the stray, abandoned and abused cats. They have also introduced the No fur project, Desex Manifesto, Elderly and Cats Scheme to help the animals around.

Contact 9431 9461, hkcsa@hkcsa.org.hk or visit their website for more information.  [hr]

The Animal Earth

Formerly the 108 Action Group, the Animal Earth has been working hard to arouse public concern on animal abuse and brutality cases by handing out leaflets and posters. Together with other welfare groups such as the Bag Me Home and the Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch, the Animal Earth has organized the 1.08 Respect for Life and Anti-Animal Abuse march in 2006. They also hold an online forum for people to exchange views and news concerning animals.

Contact info@animalearth.org or visit their website for more information.