Yan Yee Road village

Yan Yee Road Village is Sai Kung in microcosm. Winding steeply up from the sea deep into the hills of the country park, it has a little bit of everything we love best about Sai Kung: fabulous views, historic villages, community spirit, great hikes, peace and quiet.

For an apparently rural area, Yan Yee Road Village has a diverse range of property, with something for all tastes and wallets from the large and luxurious to the bijou and reasonably priced.

It begins with the sprawling adventure playgrounds of Outward Bound, the Victoria Recreation Club (one of Hong Kong’s oldest, established in 1849) and Helmstedt, the Hong Kong Jockey Club staff social club.

At Tai Mong Tsai Road, it enters its luxury phase with the gated villa communities of Capri, Forest Hills Villa and, up Tso Wo Road, one of Sai Kung’s best-known complexes, Floral Villas. With its pool, tennis courts and New Song Christian Kindergarten, Yan Yee Road Village is a Mecca for families. Even the once relatively modest village houses in these lower reaches are being made-over and reborn as upscale pads, with pools and price tags to match.

The road winds up a pretty valley, past abandoned fields and into thick forest. A string of ever smaller and more modest villages follows it uphill, starting with Tai Po Tsai and ending with tiny Ping Tun, way up in the mountains. Halfway up, in a forest clearing, Tam Wat is now home to a relatively large complex of new village houses, RobiNa, with land being prepared for further development.

At Wong Mo Ying more relatively new houses surround an unassuming yellow-walled church with a proud past. During the second world war, this is where the anti-Japanese Dongjiang Guerrilla Force was formed to harry the occupying army, rescue prisoners of war and aid the escape of downed airmen. It’s easy to see why Sai Kung’s freedom fighters took refuge up here, hidden deep in the backwoods, far from the beaten track.