Earthlings Unite – Sai Kung’s composting community needs you!

Sai Kung resident, Janice Baird, is offering free compost classes

What got you started on composting?

There is no neighbourhood composting here in Sai Kung. So we’ve got to do it ourselves.

How has it changed  your life?

We use a smaller bin 😀. Composting has eliminated 80% of our household waste.

How has composting helped you make friends?

Well, I’ve already received 40 responses to the lessons. So, I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of new people! 

Free Composting Classes

Sai Kung people can connect with Janice here
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Does compost smell?

In a good way – it smells like the forest on a rainy day. People get scared but rubbish smells but that is because it is rotting not decomposing

In your experience, once you start composting does that lead to other changes in your life?

Yes! You bring Tupperware to a restaurant because you are more aware of food waste!

Why should composting matter to Sai Kung residents?

Sai Kung residents often care passionately about the environment. Composting is one of the best ways to fight climate change on a personal level. It is empowering and also education for kids.

What kind of things can you compost?

All food waste and other stuff too… pizza boxes (we put eight in ours),  old socks, bad poetry.

Can you compost old copies of Sai Kung Magazine?

I promise we don’t! 

“Anyone can do it,” says Janice Baird

What’s your favourite shop in Sai Kung to buy things for your garden?

We haven’t had much success with our garden. I am good at composting but not growing plants!

Can you recommend any Sai Kung places to buy fresh organic food?

Sorry! We have ours delivered by our grocer – He sources local HK produce and delivers it to our doorstep plastic free. We stick with Jeffrey because he gives helpful how to watch the Olympics on your phone!

Any other tips for Sai Kung residents wanting to live a more conscious lifestyle?

Yes!!! Buy second hand where you can. We have a great online community. Everyone is always giving things away or selling things at inexpensive prices. The more we re-use and have a circular economy, the better off our planet will be.

Can you add contact details so readers can learn more? What is the price of a course?

The courses are free. Just click the box below. Next time I’ll post a notice in Sai Kung Magazine! 

Free Composting Classes

Sai Kung people can connect with Janice here
☘️ Click
October 2021

Composting is the sh1t hot trend of 2021

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