Creative Classes in Sai Kung

Thinking of learning something new? These are the best Adult Classes in Sai Kung

Sewing classes

Sewing strong for two years now, Ensemble has a fully equipped sewing room (with swiss brand machines, an overlocking machine and an embroidery machine).  They offer group adult lessons (as well as lessons for kids). Want to create a truly original Halloween costume this year? Do as Captain Jean Luc Picard does and make it sew! 112 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung. 6725 2321

Bread and Sourdough Making

Better than sliced bread! Converts say Sourdough is yummier, better value and – because it is handmade with wild yeast and lactobacillus bacteria – infinitely more healthy. Stop fighting this wholesome trend and go to basic sourdough bread baking classes by Zuzana Sisiak. Ensemble Co-creating Space 91896936

Capoeira classes on Sai Kung beach.

Capoeira classes have started up in Sai Kung every Friday. The unique Brazilian art form incorporates elements of music,dance,gymnastics and martial arts. No previous experience or high levels of fitness required.  Classes are held around Sai Kung including beside the tennis courts and on the beach. For info:


Inner Rainbow Mindfulness has been running groups for adults and kids in Sai Kung since 2017

Inner Rainbow Mindfulness gives you simple practical techniques to bring more mindfulness into your daily life through practices and mindful moments. 

Whatsapp 9863 0766 /  

Held in the activity room above the Flying Fox shop in the old town. Kate . WhatsApp: 9863 0766

Learn how to make traditional Hong Kong Rice Dumplings from Connie Ma – aka Sai Kung Ma Ma –  Sai Kung’s ruling Rice Dumpling Queen. 

She has been teaching Hong Kong wisdom to Sai Kung residents young and old for years. 

Her occasional lessons on how to make the perfect Zhongi make for a great afternoon’s family fun. Lessons are held at The Secret Garden located in No. 5 Hung Fa Village, Po Lo Che , Sai Kung.

For information connect to


Established in 2012, BeCandle is a fragrance product factory and lab located in the heart of Sai Kung. As well as selling handmade candles, the shop also lets you create your own during its popular Formulate Candle Journey workshops held every weekend at its atelier on Wang Street.

Art Jamming

Just a short bus ride away in Kwun Tong, L’b3 Workshop offers art jamming sessions centred around monthly themes. Workshops start from $200 for three hours and include a 30×40 canvas and complimentary drinks. Facebook: lb3workshop

Mahjong classes

Want to learn the art of mahjong?  Sai Kung’s favourite Cantonese teacher, Catherine Man, has started Mahjong classes for adults. “It’s a great way to learn about Chinese culture, have fun and meet friends,” she says. Plus, mahjong tiles are so much more interesting than a pack of cards.  So far she has trained more than 100 non-Chinese residents. Whatsapp 64411227

Ebru Marbling Workshops

Ebru marbling – the ancient Turkish art of marbling paper – gives everybody a chance to make beautiful art.

Symone Dolai taught herself the art during the 2020 Covid lockdown. Friends loved the results so much that Symone has started to offer workshops from her home in Clearwater Bay. So far, she has taught over 50 individuals both young at heart & young of age this highly creative technique. “Each and every piece is completely unique and cannot be replicated,” she says.  “It’s just like a thumbprint, one of a kind”. There are many applications you can do with the papers once dried including framed artwork, picture framing, small wrapping papers, bookmarks and more.  Workshops are open for booking upon request at her home with a maximum of 3 people per session $200 per person. Birthday packages are also available. Symone 98342365

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