The play’s the thing!

Join Sai Kung kids making a play in a day

Looking for something creative and educational for the kids to do this half term?

STAGE RIGHT! is offering special holiday workshops in Sai Kung for children of all ages. Their “Play in a Day” workshops give children in three separate age groups an opportunity to explore their acting and performance skills. 

Children start the workshop at 9am, spend the day collaborating, problem solving and being expressive. Then, before the class ends at 4.30pm they produce a completely unique piece of theatre.

The holiday workshops which have been running since 2011 have proven popular because, as well as being fun, they give children a voice and the confidence to speak out. “The workshops develop individual talent and nurture personal growth,” said founder Jessica McClellan

Interested parents can check out the Autumn Term schedule!

Or call 9225 8924


Let's do the show right here !

Find the STAGE RIGHT! Studio at 14,  Wan King Path.

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