Meet Sai Kung Ma Ma

(aka The Rice Dumpling Queen)

Connie Ma – aka Sai Kung Ma Ma – is the Sai Kung Rice Dumpling Queen.

At festival time she offers lessons in how to make traditional Hong Kong Zhongi.

What gave you the idea to start a rice dumpling class?

My classes started with me helping Western friends prepare food for the Dragon Boat festival and it grew from there. Rice dumplings is a classic Hong Kong recipe and good fun to make. It’s a fun way for everyone to come together and celebrate Chinese festivals.

Do you need cooking skills to join?

Not at all. It’s fun for young and old alike. 

What do people enjoy about your dumpling class?

Most people who join my classes have never made dumplings before. I teach them the secrets of making great dumplings. It’s lots of fun. We get to share some great food. Being able to make rice dumplings is a good life skill.

What is the secret?

Rice dumplings are a Hong Kong tradition. I teach my students the secret ingredients and tricks my family taught me. What’s the most important thing? My Granny used to say the most important ingredient is love. Great rice dumpling is made with love.

What’s your favourite Sai Kung shop to buy food ingredients?

I shop at Sai Kung Wet Market. It’s the freshest food. And it feels good to support local traders.

Sai Kung Ma Ma holds occasional lessons at Secret Garden located in No. 5 Hung Fa Village, Po Lo Che , Sai Kung. 

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