Meet Vickie Hu

Founder of Ensemble Co-creating Space

What gave you the idea to start a co-creating space?

Sai Kung needed one.  Before, local residents had to trek to Hong Kong or Kowloon for creative classes. Now they can come to Ensemble Co-creating Space. It’s easy, fun and there is a nice sense of community.

How did you come to find such a great space in the heart of Sai Kung?

It was meant to be. I had a vision of a place with views of the ocean. Three months later I happened to pass by the shop. It was perfect. 

Can you share the names of some of your popular activities?

We have so many great classes: For adults, our sourdough class, Qipao making class and our free cooking demo with Thermomix is popular. Our consultation session with Dr Jiwoon, a Sai Kung based naturopathic doctor is often booked out.   For kids, our sewing and cooking classes are very popular. 

If you are a Sai Kung resident with a passion to teach, get in touch with Ensemble. We can help you put a class together.

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Where do you find your teachers?

I’m always on the lookout for people with a passion to teach and share. Often a teacher might reach out to me because they have a passion and a skill, and they want to share. Other times I find the teacher.

How do you spot a teacher?

I met one of my sewing teachers at a flower arrangement workshop. She is a retired fashion designer and professional pattern maker.  She never thought about teaching before. But, I helped her create a “make a dress in one day” workshop. Her classes are a big hit. And she loves this new dimension to her life.

What makes a good teacher?

A good teacher inspires. They make a complicated process simple. They understand each student is unique, and moves at their own speed. There is no good or bad… just improvement

How do you help first time teachers?

We give new teachers the tools to get started.  We help them find students and structure their classes.  

How has the Pandemic changed your business?

Summer used to be a quiet time for Sai Kung as many expat returned to their countries for long holidays.  Now summer is busy, and we have many summer camps going on here. 


Vickie Hu, founder of Ensemble Co-Creating Space

What’s in it for the students?

Ensemble Coworking Space is a relaxed and comfortable setting. Children learn skills that last a lifetime. They make unique objects – things that speak to who the student is. The ultimate “wealth”  is the priceless experience you have. You cannot buy this from a store.

In our hi-tech world why does craft matter?

In the hi-tech era craft becomes high tech too. Crafting is much easier. There are so many new tools that help the process and save time. You go online and download sewing patterns, embroidery patterns (we plug a USB into my embroidery machine), “guided cooking” invented by Thermomix makes cooking easy and fun. With all these tools and machines we spend less time on tedious work and more on creativity. You can see your “hand made” project finished in less time. We need to embrace hi-tech and go with the trend. Grandma would be amazed.

Ensemble Co-creating Space is my favourite place to learn new things and meet new people.

Lisa Drummond

Sai Kung Resident

What do you love about Sai Kung?

Most of the people called Sai Kung is Hong Kong’s back garden… people love Sai Kung for its scenery; its mountains, the sea and the fresh air. I love Sai Kung because of its people – it’s a place where west meets the east, where the big corporate CEO lives in a village where the locals live. People who live in Sai Kung have a more “relaxed” lifestyle, and things are less “formal” here and you know who your neighbors are, their kids name, helper’s name and dog’s name. Not often I see people come to my studio with high heels or expensive handbags.

How can people get in touch with you?

We have a physical location. Our studio is at the waterfront inside the Organic Warehouse shop (address 112 Man Nin Street). It opens daily 9:30 – 7:30

We can also be reached by email:, whats app 67252321.

For more of our information can be found on our website:

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