Pitching process: application submitted for Sai Kung camping grounds

Sai Kung camping

Sai Kung residents could soon be enjoying the great outdoors on their doorstep, if planning permission for a new campsite is approved.

According to recent reports, a proposal has been submitted to the Sai Kung Town Planning Board to develop a plot of land near Siu Hang Hau village. The application is for a camping ground that would have capacity for around 24 tents.

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Covering an area of 1,205 square metres, the project would involve some minor excavation and building work, in order to provide campers with on-site amenities such as a toilet block and septic tank. Initial plans suggest the tank will be dug to a depth of approximately 1.5 metres, with a capacity of 4.32 square metres.

If approved, the campsite will also include a one-storey office (standing about 2.5 metres tall), along with a washroom and a hut for the electricity meter. In total, the planning application proposes four small-scale buildings on the site, which will be used mostly for convenience, maintenance and admin. A total of 10 private car parking spaces will be provided at the site, so visitors can bring their cars or camper vans.

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It is not clear whether the plans will be approved by the Town Planning Board, however some land clearing has already taken place at the site. The access route via the Siu Hang Hau Road and Sheung Sze Wan Road.

For the time being the campsite continues to be conditional about in the future.

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