Iron ladies – Sai Kung’s women golfers

Meet the Sai Kung residents having a tee-rific time on the golf course

Sai Kung resident Polly McGovern has launched Fore Women, a local  initiative to introduce more women to golf, one clinic at a time.  

“I took up golf four years ago when my children started lessons and soon realised that there was a big gap in the market,” says Polly,  who now has an impressive  handicap of 24.

  “ I couldn’t find any other women to play golf with! Women and girls are hugely under-represented in Hong Kong and the potential for growth is enormous.”  


Fore Women currently has over 70 members. It costs HK$1,000 a year to join and has weekly and monthly meets in different courses and practice venues around Hong Kong. 

“We welcome novice and seasoned players into an accessible and approachable arena. We had 70 players sign up in one week and there are so many more women out there who want to play golf. Most just don’t know how to do it in Hong Kong.” 

Fore Women, promoting inclusion in Sai Kung golf

Fore Women is a signatory to the R&A Women in Golf Charter, a global movement to foster a more inclusive culture within golf around the world and enable more women and girls to play the sport. 

Through on-course play, tournaments and structured clinics, Fore Women is providing a social, fun and welcoming environment in which to learn and develop. Polly, a video director and media professional, is well known for her work championing the rights of Hong Kong refugees.

“We’re on a mission to change the way women perceive golf in Hong Kong. We want to grow the game through passion,” says Polly. . 

For more information about FORE WOMEN Golf Society, please go to:

FORE WOMEN, Sai Kung's iron ladies
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